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I do not undestand that..

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In December I took an angiogram. Now I'm waiting for a bypass surgery. A universal credit worker, evaluated it so that I can work and canceled the work's fitness. I am waiting for an operation for a given date, my GP doctor writing confirmed that I can not go to work. , but a Universal credit worker doesn't respect it. I do not understand that.

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Sorry Maro I don't understand how UC works. but I know if I was told by an assessor your fit for work and I wasn't. I know what I would do.

1 Grasp Chest

2 Fall to Floor

3 Make Gurgling Noise (Like a Baby )

4 Grasp Assessor by Shirt/Blouse front ( non sexist ) remark

5 Scream out Call 999 you Bl**dy Idiot

and just take it from there

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Maro1961 in reply to Prada47

Apparently for 60 years I look good ten years less. Ford expert from UC.

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Maro1961 in reply to Prada47

Maybe Mr. UC would like me to run, Marathon!

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Maro1961 in reply to Prada47

My heart works for a few percent. It had oxygen in the blood and so it is recognizable in fatigue. I need a lawyer who knows this issue. Please let me know if you know a good lawyer. Now there is a Corona virus, Advice citizen, now there is no chance.

You must appeal.

Doctor Cardiologist recommends to endure this bypass surgery. UC mechanic from Ford. recommends not to listen to the doctors in cardiology. No comment.

Advice citizen's is not working now. Corona virus. I urgently need advice from a lawyer. An agency employee assessing for UC does not respect Medical Reports and Diagnoses. Anarchy.

Actually, that is the solution.

Maro, You need to contact Citizens Advice as they will give you legal advice and help you, also your Doctor needs to know about this. This is your life he/she is talking about and this appears to be a 'bully tactic' and I wouldn't accept it. If you know who your local mp is I would also drop an email to them telling them what was said etc

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