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Evening everyone

First time today I had to use my GTN spray, a trip to GP was needed and he has increased my monomil xl to 2 tablets a day - has anyone else found this to help their angina symptoms?

I think I was in denial that I have angina and that after my stent I would be back to normal- how silly was I

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Kristin1812Heart Star

Hi. That’s interesting that Monomil contains some isosorbide mononitrate. Just looked it up.

I’m guessing the same opening up the arteries works for both angina and headaches?

As to your denial.....I felt for you,....I’m sure it’s the best thing, going in for stents in a really positive way, and hoping you’ll soon be back to ‘normal’. Lots of people are. A few of us are unlucky and need a little bit more problem solving,

Is your GP helpful/interested?

MichaelJHHeart Star

Monomil is one of the many brands of Isorbide Mononitrate. Yours is the slow release version. I was on it prior to my bypass and it is an effective anti-anginal. CCIs (calcium channel inhibitors), like Diltiazem, are often equally effective.

Whilst you have had a stent in one artery what was said about your other ones? You may need another stent(s) down the line. How long ago was the stent?

sasquot1 in reply to MichaelJH

Hi Michael Thankyou for your reply had my stent 6 months ago after a heart attack. I’m sure there was some disease in another artery I’m seeing the consultant in a few weeks but due to having discomfort in my chest my GP thinks increasing my monomil will help.

They say my heart function is good.

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