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Recent threads on diet and nutrition


Hi all,

We know that there’s a myriad of opinions out there on diet and nutrition. For anyone unsure of the BHF’s position, I’ve spoken to both our nutrition lead and senior cardiac nurse who have offered the following:

‘Studies of large populations tell us that there are benefits to the traditional Mediterranean style diet and including more plant based foods into a mixed diet. Dietary surveys also tell us that in the UK we should be eating less saturated fat, salt and sugar than we currently do. This is reflected in the national guidelines for the UK that the BHF communicates and is represented by the Eatwell Guide. More information about the research and how it is reviewed for the development of UK guidelines can be found here

Fruit and vegetables, pulses, wholegrains, nuts and seeds and plant based oils should form the majority of our diets. It’s an individual’s choice if they want to include animal products or not. Both mixed and animal product free diets can be incorporated into the guidance on healthy eating for the UK.’

There is of course no one size fits all approach, while we don’t want to stop people from sharing their experiences, I have to stress that this community is not the place to argue or debate this particular topic - those threads don’t help anyone.

As others have mentioned, there are other communities where you can have these discussions if you wish. Comments will be disabled on posts of this nature due to safe guarding issues made clear in our community guidelines here:

You can find more from the BHF about healthy eating including information leaflets and recipes on our website:

Thanks all :)

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Thank you for your comments on this very confusing topic.


and keep up the good work.

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