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AVR and endocarditis


I'm 40 (39 when had op) and had an AVR last Dexember. I was just wondering how many people on here have had an AVR and how long they have now been post op without any complications, I know the risks for getting endocarditis again are higher with the replacement valve.

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Hi, I was 45 when I had a mechanical AVR and that was 5 years ago. I have not had any complications to date but we’ll always be at risk of endocarditis. Make sure you floss your teeth every day and get them professional cleaned and checked every 6 months. Keep your immune system strong etc. Hope this helps

Oh Stevo, I hope I didn't terrify you on the other thread by mentioning the increased risk after one bout of the awful illness and AVR.

Remember, if you were to get it again, you'd recognise the signs really quickly, plus the doctors would know immediately that it was urgent, do the tests and start treatment really quickly. As long as you go to the doc immediately if you get symptoms (which I'm sure you would!), treatment wouldn't be as long and arduous as the first time, they could hopefully clear it up in two weeks - possibly with at least some of the treatment at home - and before any of your heart valves were damaged significantly. And cleaning any cuts up with disinfectant, or getting oral antibiotics for any skin infections, will minimise the risk of any bacteria getting into your blood.

Also, it's so rare anyway, that an increased risk possibly still means a low risk (although I'm not aware of the stats on that).

It is scary, though, I worry about it a lot myself, I've been to the GP about it twice already, once with a minor virus and once with a skin infection, but they are so nice and totally understand my worries and the need for us survivors to turn up with minor things most people wouldn't worry about.

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No not at all , I know the I creased risk I was just curious after our conversation of how other people have got on after their surgery. I met a man when I was in hospital who was getting an operation for a different reason o his heart but he had a mechanical valve fitted 31 years ago with no problems, I find that kind of reassuring 😀😀

My partner had a replacement tissue valve 15 years ago in his 40's & 3 months ago had a replacement with another tissue valve. Despite having other conditions he has touch wood never had endocarditis. The specialist nurse at the hospital gave us a handout on possible symptoms and how to get tested etc as blood tests are necessary. I would suggest you contact the nurses at the hospital for advice on what you should be aware of. Also, if not well always tell Gp that you are at risk . If you are a congenital patient the Somerville Foundation may give advice. Definitely good advice to keep up dental health and eat well to look after immune system. My partner despite being 15 years older and also having a double by pass has recovered much better than the previous operation and is currently on a rehab programme. This was his third heart op as he also had one as a child. We eat lots of vegetables and fruit and fish, keep sugar to a minimum and do take some supplements.

45 years and still Ticking away as good as the day it was fitted. I was 26 now 72 this month

Yours drew

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Wow, that's is fantastic!!😁😁very reassuring

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