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Week to go for AVR Etc

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Hello my friends,

In the last few days now until my AVR, root and hemiarch replacement operation and all that it will entail. I am 47 and lucky to have no pain or any other issues.. I’ve just had a full Saturday and will be full on working until the day of admission.

Just have this inconvenience coming.

I want to add to any new members that this group is a god send... I have spent the last few months since I knew what was coming going between anger, upset and scared.

Whilst I still feel all of these you all here have helped me understand so much more and your unwavering support has helped me get my head in the right place.

All theoretical but I’m ready for this now ... bring it on !

I’ll keep you posted from the other side and any help I can give to others I will

Thank you

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Good, positive attitude, Mark that will serve you well in the few days before surgery and way beyond as you work through recovery back to fitness. You have a great perspective too - an 'inconvenience' it is but it should restore your life expectancy and allow you to just get on with it - life that is!

I wish you a safe journey through surgery and an uneventful recovery.

Speedy is not an available option but be proactive and as everyone says 'listen to your body' even if you're not liking what it's saying. Good luck and keep us posted.

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markhig in reply to IanGordon

Thank you Ian Gordon great advice as ever

Give yourself some positive, fun things to look forward to as you recover - outings, holidays, theatre trips - whatever floats your boat.

After my hip replacement it was seeing the Stones at Twickenham and when/if I ever get my mitral valve surgery I want to re-visit Boston - my favourite US city.

Very best wishes and make sure you have a cushion between you and the seat belt for the journey home and extra pillows to prop you up in bed.

Take care Mark and stay strong. Take each day at a time and build on each day. Everything will be fine if you listen to your body as Ian says. Rest recuperation gentle exercise healthy eating and a positive mental attitude will see you through. Sending positive thoughts love and hugs. Zena x

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markhig in reply to Zena166

Thank you so much Zena. Helps that I have you behind me ❤️

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MichaelJHHeart Star

I had so many delays before my bypass I just wanted in done (angina getting worse). Be prepared for the odd minor set back. I got a slightly unpleasant electrolyte imbalance and also became somewhat anemic. However, things improve day by day but most people have the occasional bad day. It's worth practicing getting out of a chair with your arms crossed as you will not be able to use them post op for quite a few weeks.

I’ve gone into heart surgery before without any issues and had a issues after surgery but i know that’s how my body recovers.

Hi Mark

You’ll be fine and it will all be over with soon and you can start your recovery. Stay positive and keep us updated, and of course we’re here if you need us 😸


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markhig in reply to Fredders

Thank you Wendy ❤️

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