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so today I had an Echo done , 3 months after my diagnosis and being placed on Ramipril. My ejection fraction was 25% , 3 months ago and was still the same today. I was told I have the heart of a man 25 years senior to me. I was taken of Ramipril and placed on Entresto. Any members experience the same or similar???? disappointed my EJ was not any better today, any advice or ideas??

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hi i,m same as you, had HA april 2018 EF 13% ,Last echo in july ,EF22%.

Starting entresto friday getting crt nov/dec.

go to gym twice a week ,just listen to your body , and dont push it to hard

CRT, probably not an option for me as I have a pacemaker already, have had for 35 years, so my chest is already full of leads that are in use and now lying dormant in arteries. Crt would mean more leads and I haven't got many arteries left!!!!! I'm 51 now and was told yesterday I have the heart of a 75 year old man.......little bit down today.

Well I can tell you my husband his 74 and plays squash twice a week walks at least 4 miles everyday goes to see Liverpool play every home game plus the rest so if I was u I just wouldn’t worry take care xxx

Hi, I’m going to have my pacemaker changed to a CRT one. I had complete heart block but now also have moderate heart failure and so need upgrading!! My cardiologist told me they leave the two leads I already have in place and connect the new device to them, then add the extra lead , so it’s only one extra. I’m 64 and feel 94 some days, so am looking forward to the new device! I hope you get some good advice on this.

My problem is that as I am on pacemaker no.4, I have old leads that are not used anymore, just lying in veins. With my pacemaker connected to 2 leads also, it leaves me with very little room for any more for a CRT.

Hi there

What's CRT?

hi Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy , it,s like a pacemaker

Ah thank you so much :)

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