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The LFHC Diet

Dr John McDougall is an American doctor snd author who is the co-founder, chairman, and sole board member of San Francisco–based Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Inc. He has written a number of diet books advocating the consumption of low-fat, starchy food.

This basically is a LFHC Diet focussing on starchy foods like rice and potatoes. John McDougall suffered s stroke at 18 and is still around in his seventies so it must be a good diet! Actually I think it is as flawed as the LCHF one!

If you Google there are numerous videos and articles by him.

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The idea of eating a high carb diet would fill me with dread, I never want to feel like that again. I followed the dreaded eatwell plate for 6 months and put on a further stone. I was doing cardiac rehab 3 times a week and still am. I have now pretty much cut out what I call 'useless carbs', potatoes, bread, rice, pasta etc. In less than 4 months I have lost over 10kg and my waist has decreased by about 4 inches. I avoid processed foods, but not all of the time, I still sometimes have steak and kidney pie! I'm fortunate that I have never had a sweet tooth, even when small, so I have no desire for cakes, biscuits or sweets. Plenty of fresh vegetables and berries, meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds etc. cook from scratch. About half of my meals actually are vegetarian but not by design, I enjoy them! I must admit this would be difficult if I didn't live alone. It's not a diet and I never feel hungry. I no longer feel bloated after eating and have lost that 'brain fog' that I've had for years. So Dr John McDonald, I will not be following your diet or buying your highly profitable products or services.


Hi I’m really interested on what foods you cut out, I know you said bread rice pasta but what else ? Think I’m going to do the same 👍

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Hi, I have cut out pretty much anything that's processed or has additives/ high sugar, no ready meals or sugary drinks. I also no longer need 3 meals a day as I don't get hungry. One of the most useful things I've found is the intermittent fasting - you obviously fast overnight anyway so just GRADUALLY extend this to a no eating window by an hour a week either evening or morning. I usually do 16:8 so I eat during an 8 hour window, I find it really helps to clear my head! Some people reduce their calories on 2 days a week instead (5:2 see Dr Mosely articles) You have to find what suits you best. Watch your BP (and insulin levels if diabetic). My BP is much better now. I don't tell myself I can't have something as it makes me want it more! As I say, this will not suit or be suitable for everyone. I find some of the You tube videos from Dr Ken Berry useful , he also doesn't try to sell you his products! I do not follow a keto diet as I find it difficult, just lowered/cut out carbs that are refined.


Sounds really sensible to me!


I have tried a few different ways of eating, the only one that has improved all my blood results to “ optimal “ is eating low carb. I’ve cut sugar and processed foods plus like you bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. I’ve lost 3 stone and am now on the slim side 😁 I stay at under 100 carbs a day and eat med healthy fat too. The biggest surprise is my visceral fat is now an 8 when I’m now eating all this fat. Go figure. I think it’s quite well know now though that high carb isn’t good and the whole scandal that fat is bad for us was bought about by the sugar industry, such naughty people! 🙂

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Adaboo when yer say 100 carbs a day is that milligrams? And do you eat certain foods to either stabilize or reduce yr blood sugar? And if so wat foods ? Fanks

Hi Gunsmoke, it’s under 100 grams a day. I use carb manager app and usually only have between 50-70 grams in reality. I use erythritol as a sweetener as it doesn’t spike insulin and it’s ok taste wise. I basically only eat some nuts in the daytime, or low carb crackers with tuna and mayo ( still have a latte though). For main meal I have chicken , fish and some red meat with lots of green veg ( broccoli, cabbage, beans, cauliflower mostly and replace potatoes with squash, carrots and celeriac. ( mash them roast them or chip them. My trouble is I lurveee a pudding! Strawberries and double cream, chocolate mug cake, an apple, or the occasional ice cream have all been ok so far. The most amazing thing is that eating this way has stopped my hunger. It’s the fat apparently. The minute I cheat and eat bread I find I’m starving the next day, plus it now makes me feel bloated and a bit sick. Still have the odd Indian and dark chocolate is ok too. I thought my cholesterol etc would probably be sky high, but amazingly my ratio is now optimal and I feel really good. 😁


Thanks Adaboo, my day one on Atkins and I’ve got an absolute banger of a headache 🤕. Mite have to reduce my carbs intake more gradually over a period of time.

I’m a massive Diet Coke drinker aswell, probs 2/3 litres a day which I need to address. Think I need to research more because I’ve got a 12 week wait until I start my NHS diabetes prevention course.

Just a thought Gunsmoke 123.

Artificial sweeteners and caffeine make my vasospasms worse. Maybe try cutting out your diet cokes?

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I found aspartame gave me palpitations too, and only 2 coffees a day 🙂

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Go caffeine free

I do with both tea and coffee and love my Macha green tea

All thanks to my mentor Milkfairy 😆

Has anyone tried the Matcha latte?OMG I nearly died and went to heaven.Very healthy and tried it in Pret.

So I went out and got the organic green macha powder off Amazon and you add warm rice milk with a mini Wiske and just you see.

Your never want a latte any other way again


Buddy, if yr groundworkers mates read that ☝️ they’d rip u a new one 🤣

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Well thankfully I can't do the groundwork anymore so there never going to find out! Not unless you know any of them lol

I've gone soft in me old age now mate.Pipe slippers and herbal tea's 😁😁

Lol agree with you Milkfairy I thought I had seen gunsmoke somewhere before.

It was an old coke add with he's shirt open in front of an office window with all the ladies drooling lol....You charmer Gunsmoke


Haha, glad to see you are feeling better🙂

Careful though the flattery may go to Gunsmoke 's head and he'll never stop swaggering into the saloon bar and Michael may have difficulty keeping Miss Kitty away from him.

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I've got Pneumonia so not feeling that good 😣

I hope you feel back on form soon.

Will do my best.

Hi dose of Antibiotics to catch it early apparently!

Hence why I'm on here now

No work!

It's nice to be away from it all to be honest.

Rest well and take good care of yourself.

Oh Milkfairy that's what I was going to ask you

Do you use anything like a sweetner in your tea coffee or nothing at all?

I've done what you mentioned and gone caffeine free but any other help would be greatful. I already have a couple of herbal tea's a day but was thinking in my coffee for instance.

No, I had a really bad reaction to artificial sweeteners they set off my vasospasms.

I can't drink coffee anymore.

No beta blockers

Pseudoephedrine found in cold remedies

Adrenaline used in local anesthetics.

Adenosine after my Perfusion MRI landed me in St Thomas's A&E dept.

I am a sensitive soul.

I only drink fizzy drinks...I think me 6 Red Bull’s a day don’t help either doh 🎃

Oh the sugar police will be on your case😂

All that caffeine you must as be tense as a high wire on a suspension bridge 😶

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No I have the sugar free Red Bull’s, but I must admit the caffeine plugs me into the mainframe 😳.

See my comment about artificial sweeteners the work of the devil as far I am concerned along with beta blockers! 😱

So 😮

Perhaps try a week without caffeine and artificial sweeteners and see if it improves your symptoms?

Yea,😏 but wat can I drink then ? Oh, oh maybe I could have soda stream then.

Water? or maybe ask Rob how to make a Macha latte?

Or if life is not worth living without your Red Bulls etc let Quality of life trump.



Jesus Gunsmoke your definitely a poster boy for sugar rush😁😁

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Atkins is under 20 grams of carbs a day which I found impossible to live with, not sure how healthy it is either, good and bad reports. If you look at grams you’ll be amazed how much you can eat for 100 grams a day. Hubby was pre diabetic but is now in normal levels again. Diet drinks are not good, but I’m sure you know that without me nagging you 😉


I love your diet especially the strawberries and cream for afters!

I'm on my way over now for dinner ok.

Leave the door on the latch Adaboo 😁😁

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😂😂. Leaving door on the latch now! Don’t be late or I’ll have stuffed the lot 😋

can you chuck some meringue in with it to make a nice Eaton mess.

Mmmm but then they really will be an overdose of sugar

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Now your just tempting me to be naughty 😉. No sugar allowed, I’d like to say “ I’m sweet enough” but I’m not! 😅

Maybe if you cover yourself in whipped cream and stuck some strawberries on top you will😀😁😂Mmm maybe a step to far for a heart forum😁😂😂

Hahaha, oh I can’t “ unsee” that now! Far too risky for a heart forum 😅😅

Good result! At the moment I'm going to mainly stick to 50g carbs as I still have weight to lose, but am not going to lose sleep if I go over. There is still a misconception of this 'diet' - i.e. saturated fat is not a free for all, it still needs monitoring and most of the fats are good ones - we do not sit gorging on butter and meat all day!! Plenty of veg, some fruit,nuts and seeds. I intend attempting low carb pasta at the weekend ( I've recently found seaweed thins by Itsu in supermarkets, bought a load whilst they were on offer as expensive normally - ideal if you want a snack. I agree about the sugar industry!

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If you find a good pasta alternative please let me know. I now use cabbage in spaghetti Bol but it’s not great.

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Can’t wholegrain pasta be used because the high fiber content wipes out the effect of the bodies reaction to carbs ie insulin or am I barking up the wrong tree 🌳

I’ve looked at that but was shocked at how many carbs there were in just a little bit of pasta. I don’t think the fibre content will totally wipe out the effects of the carbs. I’m being quite strict though as I’m sure I could have it if I hadn’t eaten much else in the day. Trouble is when I had pasta I also had garlic bread 😋 that’s toooo many carbs to have both.

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Garlic bread 🥖 😋 oh god yea 🐷😩

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I do have a bit now and again with my cabbage Bol 😐( god that sounds disgusting 😅) . Just have to find a better pasta alternative. Cauliflower rice is amazing though and I don’t even like cauliflower that much.

Yea I’m living on the stuff at the mo, so low in calories aswell. 60 calories for a big bowl full. I do jazz it up with the usual suspects....but I do miss pasta 🍝. Dunno bout cabbage pasta, but that’s only because I don’t like the stuff. Wat bout human hair pasta surely there’s no carbs in that ?

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Yea, but that kinda sticks in your throat 😝. I miss it too but it’s only one thing and you can allow yourself a treat once a week? I’m going to Italy soon, pizza and pasta, that’ll be fun. 😁

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I use courgette, but as you say, not the same. Will let you know when I've had a go at the diet doctor one.

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Just because he has reached the age of 70 does not prove his diet is effective. Many people live to that and longer on a bad diet with the support of medications. The question relates to his physiological health and quality of life.

We don't know what caused his stroke, it could have been a congenital condition, given his age.

There are exceptions for everything, but for most people a LFHC diet has proven to be detrimental.

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He makes money, selling his diet.

It says all to me.


I think low carb is the answer and only good carbs when you do eat them.

My question surely you can have a few ‘bad’ things on occasions

I have low cholesterol and good BMI this is through eating low carbs loads of fish both oily and nom oily, tons of veg/fruit and lot of good fibres, however I am not a saint and do eat occasional things which I know are generally not great for you like a pie or roast potatoes etc, I do hope my occasional eating of ‘bad’ food is ok

I have had SVT and AF for years and now possibly HF(waiting for echo etc) I do hope I can carry on eating the way I do

Any comments welcome please


He's, apparently, in his early seventies.. but he looks like he's in his nineties. His interview of earlier this year was pretty uncomfortable to watch. It was then covered by lots of shocked people. Here's an edit (the first few secs has loud music).

I watched 10 seconds of that video

And thought what a bloody idiot!

Mad as a hatter!!! How can anyone take him seriously?So sadly I don't have a clue what the old farts is on about other than the Americans didn't win Vietnam because they are grains and the Vietnamese ate rice? Gave up by that point 😁😁😂


A proper vegan diet is naturally low in fat and high in complex carbs, yet vegans have lower rates of heart disease and cancer than the population as a whole, including those on a Mediterranian diet.

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Hi ChicagoGirl1961

Have you got any referenced articles from peer reviewed journals of worth supporting your statement?

This newly published research article in the BMJ says something slightly different.

I've no interest in going tit for tat with you posting one study or another. If you're as well versed in battling heart disease as I believe you may be, you are already aware of all the data supporting my statement, although I suspect you will choose not acknowledge it or give it its due merit.

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