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im just curious on the level of statins people have prescribed. i had ha and one stent and prescribed 20mg of atorvastatin among the other meds but i see similar people yet on up to 80 cholesterol came down from 7.8 to around 4. why do some need such a large dose or is mine a low dose

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Hi john2018. I was on 80mg since my stent in February. Just been told to reduce to 40mg. Blood test showed raised liver levels. My husband is on 20mg to reduce cholesterol only.

Hi I am on 80mg after bypass but told they may reduce this in future- although I’ve never had high cholesterol so not sure how they will determine what dosage I ideally need!!!!

My husband is on 80 mg after his ha. 2 stents in each of two main arteries and balloon inserted in circumflex.

Hi Jon,

I have a little narrowing in my arteries and even though my cholesterol was 3.8 after good taken off bad, because it was 5.6 hospital said it was high? My statin is 20mgs. They also found a small asd and type 2 bicudpid aortic valve, that was missed at birth.

Regards Dee

Hi Jon. I had a HA and stent in November 2017 and was out on 80Mg for 2 years. Then reduced to 40Mg. I didn’t really have very high cholesterol in the first place but it’s around 2 now. I believe that pattern filled the NICE guidelines. Also understand that statins stabilise plaque in the heart. So 20 Mg isn’t a high dose. When did you have you HA and stent?


ha and stent was very end of january this year.i do take other meds not related to the ha so it might be a lower dose to cut down interactions. i never asked the heart team im one who just takes what im told i want is the fatigue to go away, i know i have to exercise more but if i do it knocks the heck out of me but i dont see such a low dose of stains been the cause. i was doing ok till i think i overdid the exercise and for the last month ive been shattered.

I imagine you’re on a range of meds that can affect your tiredness. I felt better after I dropped Ticagrelor after a year and many people (me included) suffer from tiredness because of Bisoprolol. So it might not be the statins (I’m on atorvastatin too). As you say - you do need to pick up the exercise. I’d go and see the docs and explain the situation. For what it’s worth a felt terrible for a while but got used to it. It did take a while to feel normal again. But it did happen in the end. Good luck, Jon.

Hi John, I had my stent fitted a year ago, I am on 20mg Atorvastatin, my Cholesterol level is a bout 4.

i started on 80 now on 20. We are all different and our bodys react differently. so there will be variations.

Hi Jon I was on 40 mg for 6 years then had HA and 3 stents last September then put on 80 mg .cholesterol level 3.8 which has been around that for a few years. We are all different and hopefully you are getting on ok

Hi Jon, I was on 20mg before my bypass last March. The cardiac nurses wanted to up this to 80mg once I had my op but I resisted. They did a cholesterol check and my levels had reduced from 6.7 to 3.4 so they kept it at 20mg. I think its standard for 80 mg to be prescribed after a heart event. I am due another blood test this month so we shall see how this is. Best of luck x

Keep in mind that there are several makers of statin meds and if you compare atorvastatin to rosuvastatin, as an example, dosages will be different because rosuvastatin is stronger.

I think it is best to avoid comparisons as every person's medical conditions have unique qualities and there may be other issues complicating recommended dosages.

I was on 30 mg of Crestor (rosuvastatin) after a triple bypass and 4 stents. However, it caused me intense muscle pain in my left rotator cuff so I aggressively changed my diet and lifestyle and weaned off the drug over 10 months.

I haven't taken the statin or any other drug for 3 1/2 years now.

If you can make dietary and lifestyle changes to lower your cholesterol naturally, and achieve that goal, it might be a better strategy for the long-term.

Keep in mind that cholesterol is the body's response to an internal inflammatory condition. Inflammation is caused primarily by sugars and refined carbohydrates as well as processed foods. If you address the source of the inflammation your body will naturally produce less cholesterol than now and may drop to a normal range on its own.

80 mg Atorvastatin for me post triple bypass just under 2 years ago. The reason for the high dose is to ensure no further blockage and to help stabilise existing plaque (it’s not solely about cholesterol levels). I am just about to reduce my statin level to 40 mg but this is more related to a concern that high statin doses MAY (I stress MAY) have negative impact on blood glucose levels rather than my general cholesterol levels or heart health (both of which are currently good).

I've questioned a lot about my level of statin. I am 18 months post HA and 3 stents (luckily no damage as I was treated so quickly) and am still prescribed 80mg Atorvastatin. Prior to HA I had been very fit but had had quite a few months of Chronic Pain which affected my mobility, had a good diet and on hospital admittance my cholesterol was around 4.8. From what I can gather amongst all of the medical speak, I have such a high dose to assist with stabilising the type of plaques I have rather than my cholesterol levels which are now under 4 and they intend to keep that dose while I tolerate it and has no adverse affects.

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