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First post- 8 year old with heart palpitations


Hi, my 8 year old daughter has suffered with fast heart rate for over 3 years now. Her heart bangs out of her chest and used to cause vomiting and chest pain, but now just appears and disappears. It can wake her up in the night. A year ago she had a monitor fitted to catch these episodes but the doctors feel they are not Arrhythmias but are normal. We have seen these, and they are far from normal. She has 4-5 a week but can have up to 20. They pass in a couple of minutes.

She also suffers with low blood pressure and what she says feels like her heart is not beating. The other night I woke and found her cold and unresponsive, I had to shake her back. They again said this was normal.

Whilst I understand how critical heart problems can be, and this is not critical, this is not normal either. I have 3 other children, my eldest is 21 and none have had anything like this ever. I am concerned that long term this could weaken the heart muscles. I feel like some people think I’m making it worse than it is, but it impacts on my daughter and I don’t feel I should just accept that this is the way it is for her.

Can anyone help me please? Has anyone experienced anything like this or heard of anything it could be?

Thank you in advance.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello and welcome to the forum! The only childhood heart conditions I have come across are two cases of "hole in the heart". It might be useful to talk to the BHF nurses tomorrow. They can be reached 03003303311. How fast does it go to?

Hopestarr8 in reply to MichaelJH


I definitely will do, thank you so much.

It varies but normally up to 150-160. She has a low normal rate of 50-60.

Thank you again,

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Hopestarr8

Thus sounds far to fast if this is a resting rate - my understanding is that up to a 100bpm is normal for children. Exercising 200bpm or even slightly more. Hope the nurses can advise you tomorrow - they are more knowledgeable of these matters than the average GP.

The fact that they have said it's normal reminds me of SVT which is the condition I have. They say it isn't an irregular rhythm as the heart beats at a regular rhythm but very heart rate goes up to 190 during an event and it can get dangerous if this goes on for 30 minutes or so as the heart will struggle to keep the rate up. If you are not getting any joy through the normal routes, I would try taking her to A & E next time she has an event..the fact that she was unresponsive etc in bed the other day would suggest to me that this needs further investigation. Unfortunately, you have to make a real fuss these days with GPs etc to get the care you need.

I'm afraid I can't help but I do feel bad for you. I know how you must feel and as a parent you must just pester and pester and pester until someone takes notice. Is there a different hospital you could take her to? Badger your GP to get you an urgent second opinion somewhere else if necessary.

Bother the medics until you get some joy, good luck

Thank u to everyone who has replied. As a mum Of 4, my eldest 21, I have never experienced anything like this, so when you feel doubted because it is not a serious heart condition, it is hard to watch your child impacted by this and not try to get some answers. I have made an appointment with her GP again to push for a second opinion. We have been asked to not make any more recordings on her loop device as it is wasting paper and they show a raise in her heart rate but not arrhythmia. This is so upsetting when my daughter comes to me with her heart pounding out of her chest!

Sending you chat with the cardiac nurses on this forum they're here to help...x

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