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Micro Vascular Angina


I have been diagnosed as having Microvascular Angina after suffering for some 10 years with heart pain, at the moment I take Isorbide Mononitrate and Amlodopine which helps a little. Anyone on anything else that helps?

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I have MVA but take nothing for it, I was initially given Iso Mon but had terrible headaches, Bisoprolol made me to tired, GTN spray was good but I don't really need it. I've now got 2nd degree block so another saga about to begin !

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to bantam12

Bantam 12

I am sorry to read that you are no further forward with your treatment for MVA.

Is your GP any good?

I hope your new issues do not turn into another saga!

bantam12 in reply to Milkfairy

I was diagnosed a few years ago but it's not been a huge problem so I haven't tried other treatments but after today's appt with my Cardio it seems my current symptoms could be the Mobitz 1 as well as the MVA so will see what happens after next lot of tests.

My GP is good but she isn't really involved with any of this. My Cardio is retiring so that's a bit of a worry, no replacement yet !

Hi grandadmac, I have been told I may have microvascular angina, not a firm diagnosis, but initially I was started on bisoprolol 1.25 mg and 75mg aspirin as well as being prescribed a gtn spray which I don’t find overly effective...at my first cardiology appointment they started me on isosorbide mononitrate and I was warned about the headaches which eased after a week or so and don’t get at all now. I still had what the hospital thought was stress related angina attacks on these. Whilst waiting to go for more tests I was started on clopidogrel, but taken off it and now on ranolazine and resuvostatin.

I still get an occasional pain in my chest but it doesn’t spread to my arms or jaw like it used to not do I numbness or tingling in my fingers, not sure if that helps or not.....

MilkfairyHeart Star

Hi Grandadmac,

I have a confirmed diagnosis of vasospastic angina causing Microvascular angina and Coronary artery spasms .

It is trial an error to find the best combination of medication that work best for you.

It really depends on the cause of your Microvascular angina.

If you still have pain I suggest you go back to your Cardiologist and discuss other possible treatment options.

It is important to establish a good relationship with your Cardiologist.

Very few Cardiologists know much about MVA.

My Cardiologist is actually a Heart Failure specialist. I send him research papers and between us overtime we have come up with my medication regime.

The BHF have the following information about MVA.



I have Vasospasm and MVA and have had a heart event caused by spasm.

I take Isosorbide Mononitrate, Amlodopine and Aspirin. Equally important for me is Magnesium supplementation. I have used Magnesium for years to deal with Migraine and Leg Cramp and find that it helps keep my Vasospasm / MVA calm.

You are lucky to have a Cardiologist who understands MVA Milkfairy. Are you in the UK? i would really like to find someone who acknowledges how debilitating and scary the condition is and could help me reduce my attacks.

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Carokai

Hi Carokai

I am in the UK.

I also see a Specialist in Vasospastic and Microvascular angina too. Sadly there are only a handful in the UK.

I was very fortunate to have seen Prof Juan Carlos Kaski for many years before he retired.

I had read about Magnesium helping but I can't face the thought of taking yet another tablet!

I am already on 2 calcium channel blockers, Dilitazem and Amlodopine , isosorbide mononitrate extended release tablets, GTN patches, Nicorandil, Statin, clopidogrel and oxygen.

You are so right very few Cardiologists really understand just how painful vasospastic and Microvascular angina can be. It's like being in labour in your heart.

Whilst I have a supportive Cardiologist my angina is not well controlled and I do end up needing to go into hospital from time to time.

I have MVA which was diognoised with CHD in Oct last year. It is very much trial and error with the meds. I have found Ranolazine helpful I take 1500mgs of this a day, 10mg if bislolprol, 20mgs , 20mgs of Nicorandil( just started this and going through the headache stage, hope it wears off soon) a statin and aspirin. This combination has really helped reduced the chest pain for me. I’m still struggling with breathlessness abd exhaustion though.

I have MVA and take isorbide mononitrate twice a day and have had the dose increased gradually i stared on 20 mg and am now on the highest dose 60mg twice a day the initial headaches have eased. Maybe you need your dose increased? My symptoms tend to worsen when I am tired in cold weather and particularly due to stress and I will feel better if I rest. I find that meditation helps me to keep positive. It is a difficult condition to manage i am listening to My body and resting when I need to and doing a bit more when I feel I can but not too much or I make myself worse if that makes sense.

Thanks, all sounds familiar. Will ask about upping the dose.

I have conory artory spasms, I've just been back to cardio yesterday, he said I'm trying this last drug to ease the frequency and it's Ranexa, only started it yesterday, let's see how it goes. Sorry for quick post. I will follow the post and get back in a couple of days. I'm going to the seaside, that's if the chest pain stops long enough for me to get ready. Good luck with everything it's a slow process. Sheena

Thanks for that, I'll have a word with my Doc. Have a good Jolly now the dreaded words "take it easy".

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