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Abnormal right coronary artery


I have been diagnosed with an abnormal right coronary artery with a malignant course all my research has thrown some frightening into my way, I do get angina type symptoms and my consultant things having corrective open heart surgery is key and I’ve put this off for a yeah due to other illness and problems anyone have the same thing? Or any advice or input cos I’m

Going mad with worry and my anxiety is at 100% I’m a 34 yeah old female

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MichaelJHHeart Star

First of all don't overthink as you can really worry yourself. It does sound as if open heart surgery is the way forward. I was initially down for stents for four blocked arteries but this became bypass surgery as calcification prevented stenting. Remember they do these procedures on a daily basis - it's routine for them even if major for you.

I had the additional risk factors of Type I diabetes and PAD, and the Doc Google soothsayers tried to really scare me. However, I had a long discussion about it with my surgeon and the various options. Talk about your concerns with your cardiologist, and if you use the web stick to sites like the BHF and NHS ones.

Heart surgery is very safe, and something I see again and again on these posts is that the fear of it is much worse than the actuality.

It's a big thing psychologically to be faced with when you are young, but being young and healthy will mean a swift recovery.

The sooner you have your surgery, the sooner you will be able to get on with your life and leave all this anxiety and fear behind you.

HI Char

Have a good dig around and get a list of questions ready for your doctor. Take a friend in with you to listen to the answers and write them down in a diary for reference. If you are overweight try and get your waist down to half your height, dump the sugar, etc.

O.K. it is a big operation. I had my valves done when I was 69 and it took me about 3 months to recover, and a fair while after to get fully up to speed. However It will save your life and give you a new way forward.

If you decide to go ahead, commit yourself and you will find that the anxiety and worry will fall away. Prepare for your convalescence and allow yourself a well planned recovery phase. To be blunt you must ruthlessly put yourself first for a while, after all your life may well depend on it.

I've always been warned about Googling illness. I'm having a Mitral valve replaced on Wednesday 27th February. I am getting a bit anxious now . I also have Pulmonary hypertension and have been told that the valve replacement might not solve this. I have been waiting for over 6months for the op so will have to put my trust in the consultant. I had breast cancer in 1989 and made a good recovery so I'm not afraid of the op it's just I'm 30 years older!!!!

Thanks you all for the comments, I guess I waited to so long and the op had to be delayed for one reasons or another, it’s just all worry and fright I guess. I mean they didn’t put me on the emergency list which I guess is A good sign but I’m living daily knowing that at any point I could die! I think about it constantly and well I just don’t know what to do or how to feel, I ha e now made contact back with the consultant over the weekend and one of the team will be calling me this week so hopefully this will sheed some might and move things forward

Also I have this fear about the ventilator still being kept in once I’m awake is this true? And I’ve read that they sometimes restrain ur hands is this true for anyone else

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I never had this. If it's something you fear just tell the team and they will make sure it doesn't happen.

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