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endocarditis several years after aortic valve replacement


has anyone had endocarditis several years after having an aortic valve replaced? My oh has been hospitalised & has been given iv antibiotics (6 weeks worth!) They suspect (because of timing & nature of infection) that it may be linked to a colonoscopy. It took time for gps to recognise the symptoms - tiredness, low level fever & chills, pain in legs apparently high blood inflammation markers - please be aware of these as this can be life threatening

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I had endocarditis and was on IV antibiotics for nine weeks. They didn’t know how I contracted it, but because those who have had endocarditis once are more susceptible to a repeat bout, I have to take precautions against any infection or break in my skin.

I had been considered as suitable for a pacemaker prior to my infection but that has now been ruled out as the area where the leads connect would be a site susceptible to endocarditis.

I had a chest infection last year and was barrier nursed for a week in hospital because of the risk.

I was originally presented with sepsis so was really lucky that my condition was diagnosed so quickly and efficiently.

they have linked my dh to a colonoscopy he had a few weeks before his symptoms - which is a concern - I cant help but wonder how many people have contracted endocarditis linked with this...

Having previously had endocarditis in 2017 and been made aware of the high risk of further episodes I read your entry with interest. My infection entered my body after I lost a filling (as I had no pain in the tooth I left it 48hrs before going to the dentist)

I seem to remember that there was a previous posting about someone else linking their endocarditis occurring post colonoscopy so it should be on the "risks list"

I hope the your oh does well and makes a good recovery. Best wishes Mary

he is having his "internal" ecg today - which is scary - he seems ok in himself - the hospital care is second to none - the car parking issue however! he drove in to the hospital expecting to have echo & go home & got taken in as emergency - I don't drive - so the private car parks!!!! I have PALS & ward clerk on side but who needs this kind of extra pressure? The attitude of the jobs worth at the car payment office was unbelievable

thank goodness the valve is ok -otherwise it would have been an operation to remove & replace it - he will continue on (2) antibiotics iv for at least the next 6 weeks - so watch out for fevers & chills, limb pain, & tiredness & what he described as brain fog - people - its incredibly vague symptoms but you need to be insistent about getting diagnosis asap - the 2nd gp (!!!) sent him for blood test which only showed both the inflammatory markers as being raised & gp sent him straight to A & e for echo - ringing ahead - they took him straight in -

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