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Renal Problems Associated With Heart Meds

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Good Morning

Just wondering has anyone had Renal Problems Associated with Heart Meds ? Just it seems that a lot of people are getting regular blood tests for Renal Function when starting or increasing medication doses. This may sound a bit silly but is it the Blood Test which show something is going wrong, or are there symptoms of Renal Failure which become obvious ?? Oh and should you have problems prior to detection are they reversible ?

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i too would be interested in replies to this thread as i live with a elderly gentleman who is on heart medications and is now in hospital with what seems to be renal problems they have catheterised him and drew 10 pints of urine! obviously something clearly not right in the renal department.

i too have a catheter in but only take b.p meds but when i take them i notice more urine output, i am on something called moxonidine.

This bhf Heart Matters article explains the link between heart failure and kidney disease. The blood tests pick up renal problems well before symptoms occur . The creatinine can also fluctuate a lot and like heart failure itself can improve or decompensate. My husband's heart failure affected his kidneys, but as his heart failure improved so did his kidneys, so it's not a one way street.

(If this link doesn't work try googling Kalra heart and kidney diseases bhf)

I'm no expert but I think urinary retention problems are more likely to do with bladder than kidney problems.

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Prada47 in reply to Fortepiano

Hi Fortepiano

Thanks, very useful article ( link works fine ) I will look for more articles on how do you feel should your kidneys start to fail !! I do have heart failure and I do have regular blood tests. I was looking to be proactive to recognise what happens should it occur.


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Ruffio in reply to Prada47

You won't feel much until your kidneys are almost non functional. It obviously differs between people, but I recently had a gfr of 8 and felt fine. Once you get to the point where you have obvious signs of kidney failure (e.g vomiting and itching) you teally should have already started dialysis. Regular blood tests are a must.

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Prada47 in reply to Ruffio

Thanks Rufio Just collecting information should the worst occur.


I also believed the meds can effect the kidneys. I don’t know if it’s a specific drug or the fact that the kidneys are working overtime 24/7 clearing the body of these medications.

My husband has a blood test every six months for the last 20 years for his CHF. Watch your creatinine levels in the lab reports if it starts getting in the High range discuss with your doctor. A sonogram or MRI may be needed to see the kidneys and if there are any unusual signs of disease. As we age, we all develop cysts on the kidneys. But if bigger issues exist they can’t be discovered without actually viewing the kidneys.

the problem which many find is that renal profiles might be carried out but then like anything else it seems that they then forget to carry out periodic checks and it is not until problems arise that bloods are then taken again.

Just checked my recent blood test

Serum Potassium 5.1

Urea 8.9

Creatinine 106

Which all seem to be a little/tiny Abnormal but only a Little, appears Dr or Nurse not concerned so I think I can relax !!! oh and GFR Calculated 60ml/min1.73*2 don't know what that is !!!

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