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Getting better

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I am sorry I haven't posted anything for while as I haven't been to well nothi g to do with my heart, I have had Uribe and kidney infection and was given antibiotics but all cleared up now thanks to antibiotics but was told I am anemic and was give iron tablets and ended up with allergic reaction I ended up with Hives. The most important thing is I went for my echo scan I was supposed to have had 8 weeks after I was discharged from hospital which was 5/11/18 and had my echo scan 8/1/19 when I came home from hospital my heart was only working 25 per cent after having 5 cardiac arrests and was put into a coma and was in hospital for 8 days I have my results back and I am glad to say my heart is now working 60 per cent me and my family are well pleased.

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Sorry about the infections, but congratulations on the fantastic echo result. Hope you can start cardiac rehab now.

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