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Heartbroken widow

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First time posting here.

My husband suddenly and extremely tragically died on the 16th December. He was taken ill at 2am and taken to hospital (severe migraine and chest pains). He stopped breathing and was taken into resus at 4am where he sadly died.

Following the post mortem, we discovered that he died from an Intrapericardial haemorrhage and a Ruptured dissecting aortic anuerysm.

He was only 36 and we have two boys aged 5 and 2 so it has absolutely blown our world apart.

No warning, no symptoms of anything, no previous heart conditions and nothing in the family history.

I’m struggling to find any information online in relation to this occurring in younger otherwise healthy males.

Is there anyone out there that has experience of this, or perhaps anyone that has lost a loved one in this way as tragically as I have.

Thanks for reading.

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What a heartbreaking post, my sincerest sympathies for your loss.

I can't answer your question but I wanted to say that my wife worked as a councillor for a national bereavement charity called CRUSE BEREAVMENT, and you may find some help there.

So sorry for your loss!

I cannot find adequate words for your grief, so I will not say a word.

I think you may benefit from a visit to a family doctor and ask the Doctor to explain the outcome of the PM. You could also ring the Coroners Officer and ask for their advice. Either route you choose (or both) should be able to help and support you.

Lets hope you have a strong and supportive family and in laws. Sorry, can't say more

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Ashleigh_BHFBHF Nurse

Hi lecannon

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, it must be an incredibly hard time for you and your boys.

If you would like to call our Heart Helpline on 0300 330 3311 and chat to a cardiac nurse, we can explain a little more about what an aortic aneurysm is and we can try to support you as best we can. We're open til 5pm today and from 9am on Monday.

It may be worth contacting your GP and discuss bereavement counselling for you and your boys (if you don't already have any information on this). I've also attached a bereavement page from the NHS which includes a few charities who may be able to support you all: nhs.uk/conditions/stress-an...

We're always here if you want to talk,


so sorry to hear of your sudden loss it is a major shock for anyone when they loose their loved ones or even close friends.

i was put in the same situation i too lost my dad through heart problems and his was sudden and it has been very hard i am now left with no one and it has been very mind blowing.

believe you me heart problems can affect any age even kiddies can be born with major problems.

i also as a child had the feeling of loss when my mother went.

it is very early stages for yourself most doctors can refer you to bereavement if you choose that route, there are also forums like this on the net which can offer support, you will at this stage have a lot of mixed thoughts like what i went through but people are there for you and your young family.

every time i have a scan they check my main artery and i all ways worry with having minor heart problems and cad, i was only in my early 40,s when they first found out.

god bless at this time.

I'm so so sorry for your for your loss. I have no words apart from you have my deepest sympathy. My thoughts are with you and your two boys and family.xx😢😢

Hi Icecannon

I can’t help you on your post but I have read it & im just very upset for you & your boys. Wanted to give you a virtual hug & day I’m sorry for your loss xx

I just had to add to everyone else's comments. I feel so sad for you and no cliche will help you feel better but you know all those sending you messages from this forum know how devastating it must be. I feel helpless. Try and keep in touch with us all. Xxxx

I am so sorry for your loss it is devastating for you all . I have no words to make you feel better I am sending you a big hug you will need to find strength and this forum is like no other everyone here is so kind .

There is no explanation why someone so young should be taken from their loved ones which makes it all the harder .

Be strong and hug your little boys and be kind to yourself .

I hope you can find some answers soon and some comfort from knowing that we are always here for you


I am so very very sorry to read of your sad loss. I hope you get the support via the helpline and cardiac nurses that you need.

My brother in law passed 2 years ago after a massive heart attack completely out of the blue. The post mortem discovered Marfans Syndrome which we had not even heard of but now family members are undergoing genetic testing, heart scans etc to see if others have it. Scary uncertain times but there is a great deal of support and advice out there which I hope you and your boys will be able to access and benefit ftom when ready. Sending you love and hugs xxx

So so sorry for your loss . Such a sad time for you all. Sending lots of love . Xx

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