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And another thing


Age does not come alone. I made a good recovery from HA in February with two stents fitted. But by October i was getting a bit breathless and uncomfortable. Transpires i now have ovarian cancer which has caused swelling in abdomen, hence breathlessness. Moral- don't assume everything is due to heart. Get checked out properly.

Happy Christmas folks.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Sorry to hear your news. It is strange how everything initially is linked to a pre-existing condition. Having been diagnosed Type I Diabetic I have had a lifetime of this with conditions like glandular fever being missed with me being told it was my diabetic control. It is puzzling as well how you are treated as a condition and not a person. Since my bypass I now, after six months, can walk further than I have done in years. However someone said they thought I would have been walking faster. Sorry but I still have an arthritic hip!

Anyway this does not fix you. Good luck with the treatment whatever it will be.

And, of course, seasons greetings! :)

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