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HR Question after valve replacement

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I had mechanical mitral & aortic valve replacement in Sep, am off all drugs except Wafarin. Prior to surgery my resting HR was round 64 at night and obviously elevated into the 100's when exercising as I was very active in sports & exercise. Now my resting HR at night is round 70-84 and when I'm just sitting around reading etc can be anything between 90 - 115. Wondering if anyone has any any input or what theirs.

3 Replies
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MichaelJHHeart Star

Obviously I am not a cardiologist but it does seem slightly high. You need to discuss this with your GP or cardiologist. It may be that a low dose of a beta blocker like Bisoprolol might be appropriate.

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LauraUK in reply to MichaelJH

Thanks Michael, my cardiologist says along as I feel fine he is happy and would prefer me to be drug free and took me off BisoporoI. I was just wondering if there were any "drug free" people out there and what their HR's were.

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Mine is much the same as yours and I had AVR 8 weeks ago. As I had 1st degree heart block I wasn’t allowed back onto Bisoprolol hence high HR. Yesterday I was told I can start taking it -1.25mg to slow down.

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