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Re admitted to hospital


Hi, I was re admitted to hospital on Tuesday afternoon. I woke up feeling unwell, tightness off the chest and stabbing pains that just didn't seem to shift. After bloods test and an ecg ,which all came back good. I was told that I've over done things and that the stents is like a foreign body and the body has to get used to it . They decided to put me on another medication of Isosrbide mononitrate 30mg and this has really made things a lot better. Has anyone else tried this?

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MichaelJHHeart Star

It is nitrate based like GTN spray. While it basically is used to prevent angina its action of dilating blood vessels.also drops BP. Something you should keep your eye on.

I was on 50mg in the run up to my bypass. Never had an issue with it unlike the Bisoprolol that replaced it.

Lynn1966 in reply to MichaelJH

Hi Micheal ,I'm still taking Bisoprolol 2.5mg along side the new one. So far I feel ok apart from when I get up quick I feel slightly dizzy.

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Lynn1966

The bypass cured the angina and the Bisoprolol is to ease the load on the heart. Everyone's heart history is somewhat different.

Yes. Be prepared for headaches. This is very commonly prescribed and works for most, but not for everyone. Headaches, especially early in the early days of taking it are very common. If you can stick with it I’m told they stop, I couldn’t stick with it- it just made me feel ‘very unwell’.

I have unstable angina and have had 2 stents fitted but also have a partially blocked smaller blood vessel. I was on isosobide mononitrate @ 10mg twice a day. After being taken in to A&E a few weeks ago this was put up to 60mg each morning. The worst side effect I have is a vice like feeling around my head along with flushing and feeling even hotter all the time. I'm hoping this will calm down over time but is very common. I'm also on bisoprolol, aspirin and ramapril.. Hopefully this will work for you.

jimmyq in reply to benjijen

I am not a doctor but I recommend that you watch the film "Forks Over Knives". It is on Netflix and YouTube. It is about global medical research and application of the findings, including a massive study of 800,000 Chinese people. You might find it helpful, I did. In the film there is a bloke with 27 diseases. After 6 months he is down to 1.

I used to have high blood pressure. My BP is now down to around 120/70 and my doctor has taken me off the statin and diuretic.

benjijen in reply to jimmyq

I will definitely look for it on you tube as I have several chronic conditions and would really love to chuck away most of the awful meds I'm on!!

I was also put on this nitrate and had terrible migraines and dizziness and I gave up and tried something else but this was not as good for my chest pains so I am giving the nitrate another go for three weeks as I have been told headaches will lesson after then as the body get used to it

I have been ion isorb 30 for 5 months , first week I was so ill with headache sickness etc I couldn’t get up till around 8 hrs after taking but each day it got less now it’s a headache and hot flush that last for total about 30 mins . So now I set my alarm for 40 mins before I have to get up take isorb with large glass of water lay down / sleep whatever then get up feeling fine . I was advised to up dose but split to twice a day I tried but couldn’t manage lunch time headache session so continuing as I am . It does really help but I can feel it wearing off late in day so plan day accordingly .

I have 6 stents (2016 & 2017) and am on Isosorbide, 30mg in the morning and 20 mg late afternoon. Also on aspirin, nifidipine, nebivolol, omeprozole, ranitidine, simvastatiin plus tablets for bladder and prostrate and I have no side effects. My wife on the other hand has been through just about every drug going to try to control bp and they have all given her side effects. Unfortunately we never know the outcome until we start taking them. Hope all goes well.

I've been on isosorbide mononitrate since my heart attack. It eases the load on the heart in much the same way as the angina spray does. I had no problems with it at all unlike the bisopralol I was also taking. I assume I was given it because I have two other fairly bad blockages that I had checked in another pressure angiogram last Friday.

Hi Lynn

Sorry to hear about your pain and hospital. Hopefully the new medication will work well

Take care


Hi, I'm on 20mg isosorbide mononitrate twice a day since I was hospitalised with unstable angina and several other heart problems a year ago. I have 1 after breakfast then 1 six hours later. The only problem I had was headaches for the first week, in hospital, when I was started on several other new medications too. Guess I'm very lucky!

All the best. Clare

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