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6 months in


Last week was my 6 months anniversary of my HA and it’s been quite a journey. I am 42 and was completely knocked sideways by it. Had 1 stent in my LCX and sent away with lots of tablets and anxiety.

In the 6 months hat have passed I have managed to lose 5 stone through lots of exercise and a heart healthy diet. THis started with Cardiac Rehab which was great for me and now do level 4 rehab.

My cholesterol is down from 7.1 - 3.1 and my HB1AC has come down to 43 from over 70

The anxiety is still there and still have days where I have random pains and aches and twinges that make me scared but in the whole things are getting better

Just wanted to say to all those starting their journey stick with it it does get easier just try to do the right things and stay strong

Thank you to everyone that has shown me support so far on here you are a great community


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My HA was 4 months ago and I'm 51 like you it completely knocked me but now starting to feel more like my old self. Well done on losing so much weight I'm sure that will help you stay healthy. I'm doing my last cardio rehab this week and I to have found it a great help

Hi Jasppip great news you are starting to feel like your old self. Good luck with the last Cardio Rehab I am Warwickshire and they have been brilliant for me and really set me on the right path.

Brilliant - I am a bit further down this path having had a HA and stents nearly 2 years ago. I love to read such positive stories of peoples recovery and I can see that you have worked really hard at it.

Well done - a real inspiration!

Same here great to hear. and well done for losing weight etc. I was also knocked sideways & very anxious and got support it really helped. Though more than 2 years down the line I still get occasional anxiety. Interesting re occasional aches & twinges, same here, and yes they freak me out but no one has answer.

Bloody good effort on the weigh reduction. Thanks for posting very motivating

To lose 5 stone in 6 months is a brilliant effort. I've lost just over half a stone in about 3 weeks. Determined to keep going. Thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you all for your kind replies it’s been tough and has been spurred in mainly by fear of going back to where I was 6 months ago

I have become a little too obsessive about it if I’m honest and getting genuinely down if I miss my steps goal for the day etc but trying balance everything

I think the most important thing is the stopping smoking this has been surprisingly easy but I guess when faced with the reality of what will happen if I carried on it’s not that difficult after all

Thanks again all comments are really appreciated



Well done, I am 2 days out of stent placement and whilst I will take up all classes on offer I also need to lose a significant amount of weight.

I know there are no ‘secrets of success’ but any tips you can share would be great. To lose the weight and give up smoking is really inspiring congratulations!

Well done. I had my HA nearly 5 years ago now. That was 11 years after I’d lost 9 stone in weight and become teetotal. Now 16 years teetotal some of the weight 2-3 stone has come back on but i must lose it again. Hard work at 64 (about to become 65). After stenting, i was dine for a year or two then a heavy flu worsened a valve. First open heart repair to mitral valve was a shambles. I never felt right. After 9 months I had a second opinion and the whole op was done again June 2017. Then fibrillation problems were sorted at 3rd attempt with a pacemaker lcd insert october 2017. Now a year later, although unfit, I feel more or less normal. A few pains, and we needed to get meds properly balanced (a nightmare but with good assistance from the medical team GP, Cardiologist and Heart Nurses) but all in all Im positive about the future. I and a few fellow patients have set up a Cardiac Support Group in West London. Im the oldest, but there are a couple of other members in their 30s and 40s. We’re encouraged by the medical team, who have been nothing but supportive to us.

The message is be positive, don’t be afraid to reach out and give time to others in similar situations.

Hi nick I am really happy for you and inspired by your journey , thank you for sharing and opening yourself up to us all as it’s those very feelings being shared that make the frightening journey easier and give people like me a reference point to relate to which reduces the anxiety so thanks again regards Adam 😋

I have just read through your posts, you have done so well in all aspects.

It's strange it makes me emotional and gives me strength.

For that alone I thank you x

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