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My CABG Got Postponed

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So i was due to go in for my CABG Triple last Thursday 11th, but on the 9th they called me to postpone due to my consultant having to deal with an emergency blue light situation. How long should i be waiting for a new date ?

I had prepared myself for the op and now feel anxious again wating for another call / date.

should i be chasing the hospital for a new date ?

thanks in advance......

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I completely understand your frustration, I was shaved etc ready to go when my got cancelled. Little consolation but you'll be glad when it's done and dusted, just try and keep calm.

I had my AVR cancelled several times, the first two times my new date was two weeks later. I would go vex them a ring if you haven’t heard in the next couple of days. I know how frustrating it is but I consoled myself with the thought that the person who took my bed needed it more than me. Hope you don’t have to wait too long.



I got to the theatre doors when my triple got cancelled - guy before me had post op trauma and needed to be dealt with. Waited just over 2 wife managed to get us away for weeks holiday as a consolation prize. Understand your frustration at last minute change of plans totally. Good luck with your new appointment, hopefully not too long.

Sorry, you had your op cancelled. This happened to me last year, but I was the emegency and another lady was cancelled. I felt dreadful guilt as she was very upset, but the team unfortunately have no choice. I do know as soon as there is an ICU bed free you will be called in the very near future.

If you are concerned and anxious speak to them at the hospital they are very good at putting your mind at ease. Please be rest assured there was any high risk they would take you in on the ward and keep an eye on you and they may well do this after you have soken to them. Good luck, you will come through this.

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