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Post Endocarditis Worries

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Hi I am new on here. I have just recovered from Endocarditis and have discovered I have a mild leaky aortic valve which I may have since birth. I am constantly worried about getting endocarditis again and having further problems with my heart. I think I am really overthinking all this but I would just like some reassurance that this is all quite normal. Any tips on working through this?

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Hi I had endocarditis then a valve replacement because of a leaky aortic valve over 30 years ago. I always insist on antibiotic cover when having anything done at the dentists just in case. Apart from that I’m doing ok. Try to relax about it.

Thanks Suzy glad you are ok.

Hi Hedgehoglady

Love your name.

I am in the same position as you, and I really feel for you.

I had my endocarditis May 2017, the infection got in after a filling fell out and was not replaced for 48hrs. I was in fact a ticking time bomb as at the time of diagnosis of the endocarditis I was also diagnosed with a severely stenosed aortic valve which I had had since birth. I had to have the valve replacement during the same admission. A long nine weeks followed by an even longer recovery but eventually I got back to normal family life and work.

I too have a dread of recurrence endocarditis. So far so good but I am very careful. I always wear working gloves when gardening and bringing in the logs. I am meticulous with my dental care and floss every night. With my dental practice it has been agreed that I see the hygienist every 3months under anti biotic cover. I am careful around anyone with infection but aware that I can't avoid it everywhere. I also take a multi vitamin, not sure if it helps but it does no harm.

Although I have a concern about recurrence I am getting on with my life, appreciating life and very happy to be here. I am aware that I have significant risks factors now and try very hard not to let them rule my life. I have found getting as much information possible and talking to my GP and cardiologist very helpful.

Being on this forum has really helped me be positive, I realise that people have had a much worse time than me and are getting on with their lives. I also realise that it is ok to be apprehensive about your health and be scared.

I hope that this helps. Good luck and feel free to contact me if it helps.

I have endocarditis at the mo on oral antibiotics and have a leaky valve and am awaiting a valve replacement. I had one last year. I always have antibiotic cover at the dentist, but try to Avoid it so the infection in my teeth I didn’t notice gave me endocarditis. If u look after ur teeth u should be fine. That’s the lesson I’m learning now.

Hope you are soon over the endocardis. I am going to speak to my cardiologist tomorrow as my dentist won't do the cover with him asking for it. My GP suggested an electric toothbrush as it gets them cleaner and there is less chance of nicking the gum. Next leap of faith is going back to brushing just twice a day.

Unfortunately the dentist needs ur cardiologist to want the antibiotic cover for dental work. I use an electronic toothbrush so agree. I’ve been told to clean my teeth and gums up to 3 times a day but 2 is cool. Flossing is cool too. I floss once daily but been told u can floss up to 3 times a day but it still seems weird at the mo for me. I went from not bothering at all to realising I needed to clean my teeth and then told to floss. Ive been told to clean my teeth many times and for some strange tea the onli ting that made me was getting endocarditis.

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