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Catheter Ablation failed?

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Hi, I'm 55 and have suffered paroxysmal AF since my mid-twenties. Over the past two or three years, however, the AF has become persistent. Because of this I chose to have a catheter ablation on 4th Oct. As you can see from the attached screen-shot of my AF log, it wasn't long before my heart was back in AF. After ten days of being in AF, it went into sinus rhythm for just four days, before returning to AF, as it is, as I write.

In view of the above, does this suggest that the ablation has been unsuccessful?

Btw, I'm booked to have cardio-version on 10th Oct. I ask myself whether to go through with the procedure, as I feel it won't be long before I'm back in AF. :(

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi AbFab62,

I am sorry to hear you have been going through this.

Sometimes when people have a long standing history of AF it can be frustrating, going through interventions that don't always have the end result we hope for. I have met many people during my career in a similar situation to yourself. I feel you would be best placed to discuss your concerns with your cardiologist or arrhythmia nurse specialist, who know your background in greater detail and will be better placed to help you in making your decision.

Take care,


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AbFab62 in reply to Philippa_BHF

Thanks Philippa. It'll be my cardiologist who performs the cardio-version, so I suppose I'll know more then.

How is your AF now did you go through the cardio version?

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