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First Cardio Physio Meeting


My first meeting went well, except the daily Emo monster came up and made it hard to talk. After the very long intake I got to see what my resting heart rates were and they guy said I was really doing well and my blood pressure was low.

He said it would take me 6 months to get back to where I was. But I had a leg up because I had been working in The My Peak Challenge program for three years and was pretty fit. So now it’s about healing the Mitral Valve repair and learning to work with how my heart should have been.

So now my first real day is Monday and I’m excited and really intimidated at the same time. Is there anyone else have any first week survival Physio tips?

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skid112Heart Star

Hey there, well done to you.

Best tip, you'll be pumped up and thinking you can do more when you get home, please don't you'll role your self out for days, plenty of water and put your feet up, you deserve it. Following day try a stroll and build up your stamina, you'll find the classes, although they get more intense, will get easier as your fitness levels rise.

Good luck


Batgrrly in reply to skid112

Thanks, plan on having a kip afterwards

skid112Heart Star in reply to Batgrrly

Haha, good plan

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