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Mitral Valve Repair 1 year Anniversary!


I'm 51 and had my mitral valve repaired exactly 12 months ago today. I'm now fit, healthy and it's hard to imagine what a struggle even walking about was like before my operation. I was at the time, and still am very grateful to have this forum to discuss problems and have the support of others in a similar situation who understood and 'got it' because no one else around me did. It was a huge comfort and a privilege which helped me mentally to deal with the day to day struggles after the op. To all of you who are about to have this operation, I wish you all the very best and to stay possitive. Its not always straight forward, I had complications afterwards, it's not easy but whatever happens keep going. I wear my scar with pride and walk as much as I can. I'm not sure how long it will be until I may need to have another repair/proceedure but I just make the most of every day. XX

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Congratulations Shopgirl! Great that you're feeling so fit, well and positive. Its a long road but you got there! (I'm also proud of my scar, its part of my life story). I had my op at the end of May this year and feel the same way about the invaluable support and information available on this site. Family and friends do offer love and support but can't possibly understand what you experience as much as someone else who's been through it. So nice that you took the time to offer a message of thanks and positivity. Stay well and happy 🙂

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Thanks janemags, well done you too. X

That’s great news and such a positive one. It’s amazing that when you’re in the situation you find it difficult to see beyond that moment. But it’s great to look back and see the huge amount of progress. This site has been tremendous. The people are fantastic and as you say it’s difficult for friends and family to understand what you’re going through unless they have been through it. Take care and keep your positivity. Zena xx

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Thank you Zena, well done too - great news that you're keeping so fit. X

Congratulations, well done

Take care.


Thank you Shopgirl for the lovely msg. I had my op mid May this year. I had one episode of AF which was sorted by an overnight stay at the hospital. I’m back at work and fully recovered. However, I’m always concious about my heart beating and worried that the op has not worked. I have gone back to my cardiologist for a check and echo last month and all is okay. I think its more anxiety than anything else but I don’t know how to snap out of it. I’m 43 have two very young children 9 and 6 and once a while it hits me that they could’ve lost their mum.

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Hi femcreole, pleased to read that you are fully recovered and back at work. That's quite a quick recovery given that you only had your op in May. (Faster than me!) I know what you mean by having little flashes of doubts wondering if everything is ok with your heart. I did and less regularly still do. I think as time passes and you get more used to the 'new you' after the op you get more confident and think about it less. Some days I don't care a jot but others I wonder if I should ask for an echo so that my valve can be checked. I was told that I would be checked 5 years after my op and think I have to believe that the surgeon thinks that is right. However if I had symptoms I would ask my doctor's advice.

I hope you can stop worrying, but it is early days and I'm sure as time moves on you will think about it less. X

Hello again Shopgirl, yes it is definitely early days. I kinda put all the emotions aside in order to get better and be strong again for my kids and now that I’ve gone back into the routine its hitting me. There are things the new me can’t do.

Thank you so much for replying. X

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