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Has anyone had to inform their insurance company about a heart attack and stents? I've read in places that you must tell them but have been told by others to check your policy because many don't need to know. I've gone through mine with a fine tooth comb and nowhere is a medical condition listed as a change you must inform them about. It says "What changes do I need to tell you about?

You must tell us if any of the following details change before you need

cover to start:

• you change your car;

• you modify your car (please see general condition 8 for further details);

• you add another driver to your policy or amend the driving restriction;

• you change the use of your car (e.g. change from social domestic and

pleasure to business use);

• you wish to increase your cover (e.g. change from third party only to


You must tell us as soon as possible if any of the following details


• the address where you normally keep your car;

• if you, or anyone covered by this policy change jobs, including part time;

• if you, or anyone covered by this policy passes their UK driving test.

Any change during the period of insurance may result in an additional or

return premium."

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MichaelJHHeart Star

If you tell them it cannot be used against you in the future. They are an insurance company after all!

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Qualipop in reply to MichaelJH

Yes and put your premium through the roof

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shopman in reply to Qualipop

After having had a quad bypass nearly 20 years ago I had to notify DVLA at that time & subsequently my Insurance Co. The response back from the DVLA was that there were to be no restrictions placed on my licence providing I surrendered my entitlement for a PSV. Because of this there was no increase in Insurance premiums and I have continued to drive ever since but have notified them each time there has been a change - 3 procedures for stents & now have a 3 year licence because of taking Insulin for Diabetes.

So no your Insurance premium does not go through the roof. Travel Insurance on the other hand is another matter. As MichaelJH says above "If you tell them it cannot be used against you in the future. They are an insurance company after all!"

You are not considered to be an expert - good faith and being reasonable is what counts legally. If a medic says you must tell them - you must, but if they dont volunteer this i would never ask... You have been reasonable - you have consulted your policy and cant see it saying you should - so dont.

Ihave been told i must wear glasses to drive so i do, i have never been told by a cardio person i cant drive except in the 2 weeks before i was diagnosed when they said it wasnt advisable till they knew more. However the risk is you passing out at the wheel. If youve never had an issue with balance lightheadedness etc you are probably not a risk?

Hi ... i was told I have to report to DVLA who will then confirm in writing if you are able to continuecdriving... or if you will have a temporary ban... and they will confirm the timeframe for the vs. Ie 1 month, 6 months etc. If you don't report to DVLA and have any kind of accident ( even if not your fault) you may not be insured.

However at the moment the online reporting with DVLA is a bit of a nightmare. If for any reason the site isn't working ( it often isnt) then you can call DVLA and report that way. Not the easiest people to get through to but do persevere as you do need to report and get in writing details of when you are able to commence driving from a legal standpoint.

Hope this helps karen

Hi ,i told my insurance company about the heart attack and stents? I've had . I own 2 vans 1 very modified and the other one for work it made no difference to the premium

After an angiogram earlier this year I was told I needed a triple bypass & next day I phoned the car insurance who just said they would make a note on my file but it would make no difference to the premium as long as I waited until the Cardiology team said I was fit to drive. As Michael said if you’ve told them, it can’t be used against you in the future.


I had a stent fitted and they just mark it on your file. It is put in there to protect you. This has made no difference to my premium in any way.

We called the insurance and told them his long my husband couldn't drive and why and it has made no difference to the premiums

I have an ICD and was renewing my car insurance this week and thought I had to inform them but was assured by Direct Line it was not necessary.

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Qualipop in reply to Chauffeur

That's good- that's who I'm with

As I understand it, provided you don't drive buses or HGVs, you do not need to notify the DVLA (unless you had valves replaced). I had a heart attack and a triple by-pass operation. I contacted my insurance company. They said they don't need to know and did not record the information, so it should not impact premiums.

I didn't because I was told not to drive for a month by the consultant.

DVLA clearly says they do not have to be told. The consultant told me I can drive after 4 weeks. The hospital seemed very vague about who needed to be told and just said "Check your insurance policy" which is what I did. There's nothing at all about informing them of health problems. Because of my mobility problems I was simply asked if I had any condition that would affect my driving or where DVLA had to be informed. We always mention hisband's type 2 diabetes but as long as he's on tablets they don't care.

Hi, I've just ph my insurance co to tell them about my heart attack last week , they said that's fine I can drive as long as the Dr agrees me fit. Your cardio nurse should have advised you when you left hospital. I was told to inform ins company but not the DVLA

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Qualipop in reply to Foxyhole

I guess it is probably safest to tell them then you can't be accused of anything and I have been told when I can drive again. I had to double check with the hospital because I will need another exploratory angiogram in a few months and I wasn't sure if I would have to wait until after that but I don't have to. I will just have to wait one week after having that done providing they don't have to fit stents.

Hi my cardiac nurse told me I had to tell my insurance which I did and they said no change as long as the doc said I could drive. Hope this helps

Hi qualipop I was told to inform insurance as your policy will be invalid if you don't. I called them and was told it wasn't a problem. Didn't cost me any more. I had heart attack and 2 stents fitted

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Qualipop in reply to Shoshov

Same as me. I'll play safe. They don't need excuses to avoid paying out. Mind you that's if my car will still start!

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I told them straight away and got a metaphorical shrug of the shoulders. As long as you didnt arrest then its fine and the DVLA dont want to know either. Had to wait 6 weeks post stents before getting all clear from GP to drive. Touch wood been ok since. Good luck with your recovery

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Qualipop in reply to Hidden

6 weeks, goodness. They definitely told me 4 weeks. I think I'd better phone them just to be on the safe side.

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Qualipop

All timescales that tend to be quoted are minimums. We all heal differently and sometimes complications may occur. You need the OK from your cardiologist or GP so it could be the four weeks or longer (which is undefineable).

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Shoshov in reply to Qualipop

I didn't drive for 6 wks. Own choice as I'm a driving instructor and didn't want to put anyone at risk. Go with your own instincts

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to be fair one of those weeks was in CCU post HA and stent so only five from my GP. My rehab nurse thought 4 weeks post hospital discharge but deferred to GP. Still have been driving since with no effects

I expect it depends on the company you use. They are all different. I told mine about my heart attack and they took a note but it didn't make any difference to the cost of my policy.

I informed my insurance after tripple bypass and was told as long you follow the doctor instructions there was no problem and no increase

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