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I'm new. Spouse of Mechanical heart valve replacement MAVR May 2018 & all going well

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I hope that Meashamfox has now successfully had op. My best wishes to anyone about to have surgery. It's very scary for the relatives as well. My hubby had this op 10 weeks ago and is doing amazing well. Papworth were fabulous and we had great support from family and friends. Before the op he was always tired and sometimes breathless and sometimes a little grey/pale looking. Put this down to age (60yrs) until echocardiogram technician said you will very likely need surgery with these results!

I think the first three weeks are the worst and then things start to improve. Being able to drive at 4 weeks was great and now attending cardiac rehab exercise and lectures which are so informative. He is like a spring chicken and now I can't keep up! All our friends say how much better he looks. I think "listen to your body and attend rehab is best advice we were given.

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That’s great to hear I’m currently on waiting list (8 weeks) for same operation I’m 61 so similar to your husband ................ it sounds like there is life after AVR . Always been fit and active so having to stop exercising and putting a few extra pounds on has been frustrating but I’m keeping positive and trying to look beyond the recovery period but it’s sometimes easier said than done

Hi I'm glad to hear your husband is making a good recovery, iv been on papworth urgent list since Dec last year. Surgeon said op would be feb/march but I'm still waiting. I chased it up in June and was told the list is a lot longer than surgeon realise. I still have 3 in front of me was then told it be july/ August but I'm still waiting very anxious about it all.

Im awaiting a valve replacement at the mo and freaked out. I’ve never had a heart op where I’ve felt much better, I don’t kno way to expect st the mo. Wat was it like 4 ur hubby? Wat should I expect?

What happens at rehab I am on the waiting list would like to know what is done on this course.

Hi Everyone, as you are all probably aware I had my operation almost two weeks ago and I am back home on the recovery road. I was told almost 3 years ago that I would need my valve replaced within 3 months. So I've had plenty of time to think about it.

As Hurrah4Papworth has said, there is life after having valve replacement.

To all of you waiting anxiously for the operation,my only advice is to go with it one step at a time .

There was no one more anxious than me , but I took it as it came and was surprised how quickly I was back home.

There are others who will be having the same or other heart operations and at Glenfield we helped and supported each other through it. And we even managed to have some laughs.

Good luck and best wishes to all of you and if I can help in anyway possible please give me a shout.


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