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Was looking around this great HealthUnlocked site this morning and had a look at the Popular Communities with a sample of the communities that one can join.

This is great, however I was shocked that the British Heart Foundation has the lowest, at 4,450, users that use the site. That is a huge shame and a wake up call to me, I must spread the word (site) more!

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Hi Alheart. I had no idea this existed when I had my heart attack last June. It was only by accident that I found it earlier this year. And I’m not sure how I did find it now!! So yes promoting it will be great happy to help in anyway. Zena

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I found it by accident too. I did know that the BHF website existed but not the healthunlocked forums. This has been such a support to me. BHF please fly your flag!!

Wow! I have been involved with BHF for years: I represented them on a TV program in 1997, just before my CABGs. God, I looked rough! I have done voluntary work in their local shop. BUT I haven't promoted this website! I will soon put that right!

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