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I'm new here...Just over two years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic heart disease. Three arteries were narrowed, two sites at 75%, and one between 90 – 95%. Three stents were installed into two of the main arteries sites, but one at the back of the heart and a branch of a main artery was left. I am fit and have a healthy lifestyle, but am struggling with fatigue, tiredness, lack of energy and sore muscles and joints. I'm looking into coq10 supplements and any experiences with coq10, in relations to heart disease and medication, would be helpful.

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skid112Heart Star

Hi John

There are a lot of posts on here about benefits or not of this supplement. Same as on Google if you're willing to look beyond the first page and delve. Lots of studies with very limited proof one way or another.

Good luck in what you decide


in reply to skid112

I'm wading through search results at the moment. I do very much appreciate your reply.

Is it Canada where statin use has to be accompanied by CoQ10? IMHO focussing on cholesterol is dangerously overlooking the elephant in the room

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Interesting video, appreciate the comment.

MichaelJHHeart Star

Hi! I posted last night but it seems to have vanished in the InterWeb!

I have recommended CoQ10 a few years ago and found it did absolutely nothing for me. Conclusion - expensive and ineffective. However, others have a different so all you can do is try a short course and see if it makes a difference to you.

Have you been reviewed recently? Another angiogram may be appropriate to check the arteries. Sometimes people need further stents or even a bypass. Good luck!

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Thank you so much for you coment

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