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Medical travel insurance


I’m going on a cruise in September I have travel insurance with my bank , but am no longer covered as I had a heart attack in March of this year. And wondered if anyone has any cheap quotes for travel insurance thanks :)


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We use Insurancewith. We both have health issues and they always work out cheapest. We do phone them though rather than doing an online quote.

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Have you looked at the Pinned Post regarding Travel and Life Insurance on the right of this page?

Loads of posts on this site and BHF have pinned some posts to the opening page as well. I used a search site (Compare the Market or Money Supermarket - can't recall which) and got loads of quotes. Be aware that your quote will be higher than you are used to and if you are still under investigation, you might find it hard to get insurance at all

I have the same type of cover. I notified them and they added a premium of £120 to cover blocked arteries CVD etc.

Seemed the cheapest and was hard to get cover from other company’s.

I advised them I had a MI and had a stent fitted.

They seemed fine. I was very specific to ensure they understood my condition to avoid problems in the event of a claim.


Had the same thing John. My travel insurance went from £62 to £850 following my heart attack.

I have gone with Staysure for an annual policy £362

Hi there Tinpot.. I'm with insure and go and my policy covers cruise..and they know all my medical history.

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If over 50 then StaySure are very competitive!

lnsurancewith l found is the best and cheapest.

My bank account has associated world wide travel insurance. I went through a new medical assessment after I'd been diagnosed with angina and the condition treated with 4 stents plus the 'usual suspects' of medication, a supplement of £180 was made for the following year. This covered us for a cruise which we had booked before my condition was diagnosed.

When I renewed for a second year and informed them that my condition had been stable, much to my delight, the additional cost was removed. This has continued for subsequent years so the travel policy now only costs as much as for someone who does not have any cardio condition.

So I would suggest you check if the travel policy which you have operates in a similar way as that could prove less costly than needing to buy new insurance cover.

Be very careful, we had insurance via bank and my husband answered questions honestly but was later told that as a sequential batch of treatment under a consultant counted as ‘two procedures’ and he’d only declared one he wouldn’t be covered again - consultant agreed with my husband but insurers have different ideas.

Insurancewith very good

Hi Insureand Go,Get a Quote ok.

I found easy to use and very reasonable. (Your mileage may vary, of course!)

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