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Weight training and Blood Pressure


I have been to the gym today. I walked there and took that as my warm up. I did 10 minutes on a rower, 30 bicep curls, 30 pull downs and 60 lat pulls, with 10 mins on treadmill to warm down. I had a long rest when I got home and took my Blood Pressure: 96/61 Pulse: 51.

Yesterday I went for an hour's walk, up and down the hills around here. My BP was 115/72 and my pulse was 50 after my rest.

The day before I went to the gym. Same routine as today. BP: 107/69 Pulse: 51.

In January my BP was 190/94 So this is a massive change in 7-8 months.

It appears that weight training is good for bringing BP down. If you want to give it a try please discuss it with your doctor first.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

I queried weight training when my walking was compromised by PAD. The view was that multiple repetitions with fairly light weights was more beneficial than less repetitions with higher weights if the aim was to build fitness.

Wow Jimmy I’m suitably impressed you put me to shame. A combination of allergies a virus Trigeminal neuralgia (I think) and the heat has knocked me for 6 so have been struggling to do even 30 minutes recently. I must get back to it reading your post is going to help me get focused. Well done on the BP. Michael thanks for the tip on repetition. Best wishes Zena x

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A tin of baked beans in each hand is enough to get you started.

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Our local council, Blackburn with Darwen, have this Wellbeing team. Through them I have access to all kinds of activities. For people with long term illnesses, for 12 weeks membership to the gym is free, sessions are £1 and are supervised by trained volunteers. I go twice a week. After the 12 weeks we get reduced monthly rates for gym membership for 6 months.

I used to go 3 times a week but that included Mondays when we have our granddaughters so I packed that day session in because it disrupted the whole day.

I walk a lot and it’s good for ur heart but weight training onli if it’s ok wiv ur heart condition. I can’t lift anything too heavy due to my leaky valve so I can’t do weight training but I believe I’ll be able to take put in most sports but feel the gym is boring and prefer sports.

I would prefer sports but we don't usually get the weather for it. I used to work outside so I have had enough of getting pissed through. I have waterproofs for my walks but couldn't play football in them.

My wife is a former professional bodybuilder you developed hypertension from using anabolic steroids. Her pressure during heavy leg presses was 375/360. A arterial line inserted into the brachial artery measured her pressures. Other readings were 330/300 and 311/289. Her baseline pressure was 190/156

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