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What do the various troponin measures mean?

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Troponin seems to be measured differently and I'm trying to find some sort of list that states what they are.

At my first heart attack a Dr said that a normal measure of troponin was 13, and mine at that time was "over 1000 and had suffered a mild heart attack."

I've been admitted to hospital this week with a troponin of 105, then descending to 95 then 94.

Does anyone know of a site that uses this 'scoring' method? (I've tried to no avail).

Thank you in advance.

FYI: I'm booked for an angiogram on Monday despite being in hospital since Tuesday. I had an angio after my first heart attack but am medically managed with no stenting.

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MilkfairyHeart Star


I noticed from your profile that you say you had a heart attack without obstructed coronary arteries.

A Myocardial infarction non obstructive coronary arteries MINOCA.

The most common causes of a MINOCA are myocardial dysfunction, vasospastic angina, spontaneous coronary artery dissection SCAD or a blood clot.

Did the Cardiologist give you an explanation about the possible cause of your previous heart attack?

Troponin blood levels can be raised for other reasons.

Takostubo Cardiomyopathy, infection, coronary vasospasms, kidney disease, pulmonary embolism are just a few.

I suggest you ask the Cardiologist who carries out your angiogram what is their understanding of non obstructive coronary artery disease NOCAD and MINOCA .

Have you had any ECG changes?

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Heartattackvictim in reply to Milkfairy

Thank you so much Milkfairy that's such a useful answer and the information will help me ask the right questions on Monday. Another great contribution to the forum.

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Then click on factsheet

Thank you Cat04 !

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Hi heartattackvictim.Just for reference, during my HA, 2 complete blockages of the LAD. The first heart doctor to come & speak to me to tell me told me the relevance of Troponin & a raised level was 100 to 200. Mine was 9000+!!

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Heartattackvictim in reply to Woodensider

Pressing the like button is about your reply not your troponin levels (obviously)! Thanks for the reply Woodensider

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FYI, my Troponin was measured at 1500 shortly after admission and a couple of hours later they retested and said it was literally off their scale at over 25000. That was October 2019. I had one stent.

Wow that's some big number CardioTT ! I think the scale is logarithmic so 100 is twice that of 10, and 1000 is twice that of 100. But maybe someone will be along to confirm our correct this!?

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I know this post is from 10 months ago now, but I am researching Troponin levels as my dad is suffering with heart issues. I have noticed some readings are given as ng/ml and some as ng/l which may explain the extreme difference between the values if they are given verbally by different doctors and not written down so you can see the unit of measurement perhaps.

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to lallyhay

In the UK troponin levels are usually given in ng/LTroponin I or T can be measured and each laboratory has it's own reference values.

For women a troponin blood level above 16ng/L, for men 34ng/L , indicates a possible heart atrack if accompanied by chest pain or other symptoms, and wall motion changes to the heart muscle seen on an echocardiogram.

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