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Werk werk werk werk - celebrating a post cardiac arrest work milestone

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Today I went into work for the first time in 3 months and I feel bloody proud of myself.

Ok, it's not exactly a sponsored ultramarathon or hiking challenge, but for me it's a massive milestone in my recovery. I know it's one I am very privileged to make.

THANK YOU for everyone who has supported me on here in the last couple of months.

I am 29 and had a (still unexplained) cardiac arrest out of the blue in early April this year. After a long stay in hospital, I had an ICD put in just in time to catch my second cardiac arrest in May.

My brain and my heart have done a lot of healing with the suppprt of countless medical professionals, friends and family. It's been scary, incredibly frustrating and depressing at times. I am very thankful that I also found this forum for support.

There are certainly still lots of challenges ahead, including an operation next week, but for now I want to mark a milestone that may seem small, but is massively important to my reclaiming of me.

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Congratulations Alice 😀. You’ve had such a difficult journey, you need to give yourself a big pat on the back.

I’ve been back in three weeks now, I found the questions about why I’d been off tricky, but that gets easier every day. Make sure you monitor your energy levels. So glad you are doing better xx

You totally summed up how I felt too Alice, wise words xx

Well done Alice you have come so far!!! but l agree with others try not to do too much too soon. Also have some worry free fun, eat chocolate, drink nice wine and buy some blue girly shoes (it works for me) Love Sue x

Yeahhhhhhh. How fab is this? What a great news story. So pleased for you. What a journey and what an inspiration. 💃🍾👍really delighted for you. Sending love and hugs. Zena x

Thanks all. I'm taking it easy. Just 10.30 to 2.30 this week and with a full lunch break. :)

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NathanBlau in reply to Alice_Ro

Well done - its a great milestone and fantastic to feel like you are regaining control.

I have to say though, with my lunches 10.30 to 2.30 wouldn't leave much time for work :)

Alice_Ro profile image
Alice_Ro in reply to NathanBlau

Haha... I guess that's sort of the idea at the moment. I just had a 90min sleep after work today (intended to be a meditation, lol 🙏😌😴😴😴), so think I'll stick to the chill hours for now!

Well done you - take it steady. I've just started back too, 9 - 1230. Hoping to add an hour a day each month (HA in late March, and now Heart Failure).

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Alice_Ro in reply to gmkilly

Well done to you too!

Yeah Alice well done 👏a girl after my own heart,am constantly fighting a battle with doctors and family cause a continue to work,am so chuffed for you honey that your getting back to work yea small steps as probably everybody has told you a million times no doubt,people don’t realise it’s for sanity reasons and getting back to some quality of life,am just back this week after 3 weeks but only 2 five hour shifts and will build it up over nxt few weeks,you will find a wee routine that works for you and listen to your body,so so pleased for your love take things easy and enjoy your work 👌 🤗 X

Hope your return to work is going ok Suzanne 💕

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Ashleigh_BHFBHF Nurse

Congratulations Alice_Ro! Great to hear things are slowly getting back to normal...(or the new normal). You should be really proud of yourself, such a difficult thing to overcome physically and mentally. You know where we are if you ever need us! Best of luck, Ashleigh

Thanks Ahsleigh! Really appreciate the advice so far:)

Yay.. wowee..well done you Alice.. fantastic inspiration for us all.. listen to your body and enjoy filling every minute with love..laughter..and lotsa hugs 🤗

Well done Alice, this must have been an emotional and triumphant step on your journey. Best of luck for the op and your undoubtedly fantastic future xx

Well done you 3 months sounds good I hope I can go back that quickly never thought I would miss work but can't wait to be able to go back

Alice_Ro profile image
Alice_Ro in reply to Jasppip

Thank you. Good luck in your recovery too!

I got really tired after my first week back. I'm off again at the moment, recovering from some PVC ablation I had last week. So when I go back in again on Monday I'm going to step back the hours a bit more to give myself some rest days. Don't over do it! Xx

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Jasppip in reply to Alice_Ro

That's a shame it seems to be that you get good days think your getting there and then get knocked back down again this hot weather definitely isn't helping

Reading this 3 months on has helped me take stock of further progress. I'm now up to 25 hours a week at work and I managed to draft my first report a couple of weeks ago (with a bit of help). I still face extra challenges, but things are moving in the right direction.

Wisdom from my therapist: try not to compare yourself to how you were before (the brain injury and cardiac arrests), take stock of how far you've come in your recovery


Hi again,

In case helpful to anyone reading, and to log my progress to myself😊, I thought I would update that I am now finally going up to full time hours and feeling cognitively myself again - bar some little things I have learned to manage.

It's been a very LONG road of recovery, but wherever you are on your journey, keep plodding away xxx

Good stuff Alice

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