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Hi All

I'm new to the group and suffered a heart attack at the end of April 2017 whereupon the excellent care team fitted 2 stents and put me on statins and minor [low dose] blood pressure tablets.

I had issues with work, taxi driving and had to surrender my licence, to the local council, I only had to stop driving personally for 4 weeks, however I'm unable to work again due to the high cost of the necessary cardio stress tests required by my local council.

I also, have had to stop taking some medication for another health issue as the tablets were considered to be unsuitable having had a heart attack; I am due to see a specialist at QMC Nottingham in a couple of months, a change from the Professor who has overseen my care for several years and in whom I trust. The new specialist will be a complete "unknown" and I am feeling somewhat anxious as last time I visited the hospital admin got the appointment wrong and sent me to another doctor [same specialist clinic] who apologised profusely and refused to be involved as my medical issues were not within his field of knowledge or remit. Concerning times ahead, I guess, if offered a return to my previous medication which was issued on an "unlicenced application." I'm hoping my wife will be able to join me for the appointment to get a wider view and to help with any decisions.

My heart attack care team and the cardio rehab team have been absolutely excellent and I thank every one of them very, very much.

Group posts seem very interesting and I look forward to reading lots more.

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When you go for this appt. you could take a brief medical history and all your questions and concerns, written down. Refer to these notes in the appt. and get your questions answered. The brief medical history might focus the specialist's mind on your particular case. Write down the answers ASAP after the appt. so you don't forget.

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Hello Jimmy, many thanks for your reply. Your comments are very sensible, thank you. Pleasingly in today's post [3pm stagecoach] I have received an appointment with my local heart doctor/specialist, the person who originally consulted with my Nottingham muscle specialist [the Professor] and stopped the Mexetil tablets prescribed for my muscular troubles. Mexetil was originally prescribed as a heart medicine but now has to be brought in from Canada as it's original usage has been discontinued.

I hope the local heart specialist will be able to shed further light on the complications of using Mexitil, again, and help my wife & I make a better decision on whether to recommence it's usage. Thanks again for your very sensible approach to my Nottingham appointment. I'm slightly less worried.

Hi Rob. One other option maybe to write beforehand. When I had to see a neurologist (in addition to everyone else!!). I decided to write to him before I saw him and listed my questions beforehand. I kept it to one side of A4 so that he didn’t have to turn a page! (I don’t think they ever read 2 pages!). I kept it factual and to the point. He had the letter in front of him when I saw him it gave him an idea of what my concerns and queries were about. So that may be an option. He went through each of the questions one by one and I also took notes and questions with me that he also addressed. As you are aware QMC Nottingham is an excellent research hospital so you are in good hands. Take care. Zena

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