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Hi all you may remember my stenosis post. Well I felt really poorly at work on Wednesday. Luckily I work on ITU and I was sent to A&E and stayed in over night. Had an angiogram yesterday and it went ok. Wasn’t enough furring to warrant a stent, however I have the diagnosis of coronary heart disease. Have a load of new tablets and a follow up in 12 months. The consultant who did the angiogram said take this as a warning. I have already lost 2 stone and reduced cholesterol from 7.8 to 3.4 so feel like I’m on the right track. Guess these meds are for life now?!?

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Hi, yes you might be on medication for life. I had a angina diagnosis some years ago now and take lots of pills. I had a stent and thought after that I could reduce the medications but no. Just over a week ago I was walking in the mountains without any problems.

Anyway you are doing well with having lost weight and reducing the cholesterol, so that will help with the heart disease.

All the best, Anke

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