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This morning the other side of my face and glands were swollen so saw my Doctor, looks like a viral infection with possible abscess so on antibiotics. Doctor printed out NICE latest information sheet on Dental work which recommends antibiotics before any dental work including check ups, I have taken this to my Dentist and have a appointment next Monday. Fortunately I had some amoxicillin which I took over the weekend to be on the safe side and the pain has subsided to just a unexpected twinge now and then.

Thanks for your support. Take care Kaz💖❤️💕

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Hi, glad things are improving. Could you provide the reference for this document. In a near four week period I have been told antibiotics were not necessary for an infected/inflamed tooth (first opinion mine/second dentist's). The tooth was extracted 11 days ago and the stitches removed three days ago. However, the area is inflamed looking and painful but apparently I do not need antibiotics! So, it is painkiller sandwiches and no "Fitness for Surgery"!


Hi. I’m sort of guessing you will have done the research already, but I was confused by the mixing of gram and milligram in the thread so did some research of my own - I didn’t know amoxicillin came in 3g doses!



So pleased you are feeling a bit better Kaz and a course of antibiotics prescribed. The advice given to you regarding antibiotics before an y dental treatment tallies with the advice I received.

Hope you continue to feel better and get your tooth sorted out.

Dory xxx❤️


Thanks Dory

Yes this Dental thing is a bit of a mine field as to wether antibiotics are used or not but thankfully my NHS trust have decided that antibiotics are to be used. Off to the dentist Monday after this viral thing has cleared up. Hope you are keeping well and enjoying the sunshine ☀️ before the next cold front 😆 Kaz❤️💖💕


It certainly is strange that advice varies. Pleased to hear that you are going to the dentist soon. I am doing pretty well, thank you. Still waiting for my thyroid to behave itself soI can have the cardioversion to try and sort out the Afib. In the meantime I’m enjoying walks with Boris - bliss!

Take care,

Dory xxx


It’s been great to have some sunny weather to walk the dogs instead of muddy puddles.

I have under active thyroid for the last 8 yrs, I was fed up with still feeling tired even on thyroxine. So 3 yrs ago I read about a trial that taking thyroxine at night was better and it worked more effectively than taking it in the morning. I noticed the difference after a few weeks and my next blood test my dose was lowered From 100 to 75and my levels have been perfect since . If your not already doing that try it . Wishing you more sunny days with Boris Kaz💕❤️💖


Hi Kaz,

Thank you for sharing your thyroid issues and advice. I have an overactive thyroid which was first diagnosed 20 years ago and have ticked over nicely on 150mg of Propylthiouracil since then until my heart surgery. The shock of the surgery sent me overactive again which in turn can cause a racing heart and Afib. I have slowly increased my medication and then had a blood test six weeks later to check. I am now on my third, and hopefully last increase. Blood test at the end of May, fingers crossed my thyroid function will be back to normal.

Pleased to hear that taking your medication at night has made a difference for you.

Dory x💕


The varying advice is quite worrying. All I know s that I have had a dental issue for nearly a month. I just feel it is time to try a course as it is potentially delaying surgery! After all there seems no Plan B...


Hi Michael,

It certainly seems to be a minefield, I note that the recommendation quoted by Kaz is for 3mg of Amoxacillin, I have been advised that it should be 5mg. Confused dot com!



Hi Michael I’ve just read in full what my doctor received, this is from

NHS Wessex

Saying Nice do not currently advocate routine antibiotics for procedures likely to cause bacteraemia in patients with increased risk of IE

Wessex cardiologists have become aware of increased cases of IE over recent years and in attempt to reduce this life threatening condition have been asked to introduce changes to antibiotics protocols.

Cardiac conditions with risk:

Any form of prosthetic value including trans-catheter

Value repair using prosthetic materials

Previous endocarditis

Cyanotic congenital heart disease

Congenital with residual shunt or Value leak

Procedure ring antibiotics prophylaxis are

Scale & polish

Root surface debridement



Periodontal surgery

Endodontic surgery

Antibiotics regime is 3gm orally Amoxicillin 60 min before procedures

Or 600mg Clindamycin ( for penicillin allergic individuals)

This may then be just for my area Wessex (Dorset)and not national hope this helps Kaz💖💕❤️

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Should say procedures requiring antibiotics

Predictive text 😂


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