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Hi All

Age 51, 2 heart attacks (June 2015 and June 2016). Stents in LAD and left circumflex.

I've been invited to attend an activity day that includes rifle shooting, Segway and Quad Bikes. WIll I be able to attend? Some activity centres state that can't do Segway if heart disease?

I walk at least 3 miles per day and lift light weights.

Grateful for any advice.



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I cant see why you should not use a Segway. Is it on a track or off-road? I have been on them and other than the possibility of a fall I cant see that it presents a massive challenge for someone reasonably coordinated and fit.

THanks. I feel confident in doing it. Organiser was concerned.

Yes of course you can attend. Struggling to see why Segway should be an issue, I’d have thought quad bikes were much more of an adrenaline rush and certainly a lot more dangerous than Segway.

My thoughts exactly. The organiser's concern was the potential impact from fear inducing exercise :-) So I should go for it then - Quad bikes and all ??

Yep. Can't live a life wrapped up in cotton wool.


DO IT. You only live once ;)

(Ps, you wouldn't be Darren from Sandwell Cardio rehab would you ?)

Dazzamason in reply to Phil-52

How on earth did you deduce that from my initial post? I'm impressed.

Cheers for your reply. I want to do it and probably will.

Everything ok with you. You missing the rehab sessions?

Two HA,'s a few years younger than me and living the corporate dream. Elementary :) I'm really good thanks. I'm back at my running/ triathlon club so swimming and running regularly. Little Sarla has also joined so the Cardio shufflers are expanding :) good to see you haven't had a third HA mate. Have you slowed down at work yet ? You were a bit of a workaholic if I remember.

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