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So glad I found this forum


Hi, Just joined. I'm a 50 year old married mother of 2 and until recently would have declared that I was fit and healthy. I had a heart attack and stent fitted 9 days ago. This came out of the blue (apart from small scare the week before). My world has been turned upside down and I've been googling all week in my paranoia. Every small discomfort around my chest has me freaking out that I am about to have another heart attack. So far the posts I've read here have reassured me that how and what I'm feeling is common so I am now feeling slightly less anxious and may hopefully get a better sleep tonight and not lie awake all night worrying. Thank you!

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skid112Heart Star

Hi there lainey and welcome to the forum.

Glad to hear we have been of use to you and sorry to hear of your issues.

Doctor Google can be helpful but you really have to dig through the chaff.

Take care Mark

Lainey50 in reply to skid112

Trying to be selective about what I read on google and only to looking for facts but you know what it's like when you get sucked in.. Anyway, now that I have found this forum I can get real answers and don't feel so alone with this shock. Thsnks

Hi Lainey. Welcome sorry to hear about your heart attack. It’s a shock isn’t it. Feeling everything in your chest tends to happen after a heart attack it’s difficult separating out what is normal settling down pains and discomfort to what else maybe happening. It will settle. If ever in doubt though always seek help. When you go to cardiac rehab that will help with your confidence as well as give you lots of information help and advice. In the meantime take care and let us know if you need help about stuff. Best wishes Zena

Lainey50 in reply to Zena166

Thanks for your reply. I start rehab next week and have already called the team with a few questions when I initially got out of hospital. I can't wait to get started as I feel like my life is in limbo until then. I've felt a bit lost until now it's a lot to get your head around.

Anya58 in reply to Lainey50

Hi Lainey..welcome to this has been a great help to me..I had my attack five weeks ago still early days for me too..I am the same...every pain however small, you think it’s going to happen again...but I have started my rehab program and it does build your confidence..good days and bad..some days you think you could run a marathon and other days..I feel I could break..but I’m assured it will get better..

Hi there Lainey..this forum is great..and you can speak with a nurse too if that helps you..yes it is very scary when you have a heart attack/condition especially when out of the blue..the folk on this forum will help you as they have me..keep positive and be kind to yourself.. sending you hugs

Lainey50 in reply to sandrann

Thank you. I actually slept better last night!


Hi Lainey


Firstly what youve gone through and are experiencing now has been felt by most of us on here. Secondly you will get through this. I found the advice on here to be a godsend and also cardio rehab if you get offered it please take it. The ability to talk to others who have gone through what you have experienced, and perhaps even worse, was invaluable to me and my mental well being. As my Cardiologist said, we're great at mending you physically, less so with your mental well being which is where the rehab team come in, maybe even some counselling.

As I said the guys on here and the BHF nurses are wonderful and never think that any question is too silly for an answer. Good luck and keep in touch

Lainey50 in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much for your reply. It's very difficult trying to explain to friends and family now I am feeling. They are all great and very supportive but they can't feel what s going on inside me. All the replies I've had in this forum have really helped as you have all gone through the same mental trauma. It's so helpful to share this. Thank you. Elaine.

Welcome, Lainey. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit less anxious now you've found this forum. Like Mark said, Google does have useful information somewhere, but it's buried under a huge amount of inaccurate information that will do nothing but scare you unnecessarily. I'd recommend staying away from Google completely until you know a bit more about your condition and are able to discount the nonsense rather than dwell on it. Hope rehab goes well for you. All the best :)

Hi Lainey.....your story was my story 11weeks ago ...I had a heart attack .....thought it was a panic attack carried on working ignoring the sore throat aching arm and palpitations ...1week later I ended up in A/E ...was in a hospital bed within a hour ...told I was to be kept in overnight ...lots of tests day consultant came to me and told me bloods revealed had. A heart attack .......WELL .....shocked stunned is a understatement .....I am fit ...worked ...not me I said hospital for a week ...stent fitted ... due to a blockage ........sent home ....terrified , bewildered...shocked ....bit depressed ....and totally did not trust my body ...every twinge ...I felt .i thought ...this was going to happen again .....Then ...went along to the Cardio Clinic ...spoke to a lovely lady there ....burst into tears ...she had a reassuring chat with me ...11weeks down the line ...I go to the clinic twice a week therapy ...and feel so much better ready to go back to work ...confidence back .....Lainey .....small steps go to the aftercare clinic ....and I promise will get there wishes to you will be ok X

Hi Lainey,

Have you been contacted by Cardiac Rehab yet? They are great and in their care and a safe environment you can regain confidence. If given the opportunity it is well worth it.

Hi Lainey

Just wondering how are you going on ?

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