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Pre - op? Tick!


So final hurdle completed and I'm deemed fit for surgery. That's AVR. Hopefully relatively straightforward and by all accounts routine. Blood pressure through the roof though , so although feeling relatively calm I'm obviously a little stressed. So the op is just a week away now, so I'm looking for advice on strategies to arrive on the table, chillaxed . All suggestions considered!

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Meditation, walking, do your hobbies, try not to think about it. Talk to people who have been through it - might be able to arrange through the hospital. After my bypass surgery I had a chat with someone who was waiting for their surgery. He said it helped him.

IanGordon in reply to jimmyq

Jimmyq - thanks for your guidance. Joining an actual community of hearties on Monday so will try share experience, thoughts and concerns which may help. Cheers, Jimmy.

Hi Ian

Glad you’ve got a date at last. Get yourself organised ie what you are going to take in with you eg clothes, washed no stuff, book, MP3 player, phone (don’t forget chargers) etc. Get bedding organised for when you come home, such as a v-shaped pillow or extra pillow to use as a bolster - you won’t have the luxury of a hospital bed when you get home to help with sleeping position.

Get some earplugs - it’s the only way of having a fighting chance of getting to sleep in hospital. Glenfields do offer patients foam ones, but I use wax ones as I find them more comfortable.

Mentally, try not to worry if possible, difficult to do I know, just remember your surgeon has done loads of these ops.

Apart from that it’s just a case of trying to stay as relaxed as possible under the circumstances and remember that we’re all here sending good vibes.

Keep us posted.


IanGordon in reply to Fredders

Thank you Wendy. Feeling the vibes already. Sound framework to progress through the next couple of challenging weeks. Much appreciated.

I was like you and now 4 weeks after cabg x 3. Keep busy but do not spend too much time in your own company as that gives you time to dwell on it. Go for short walks if able to, go for short drives, visit friends but avoid crowds as you do not want to pick up any viruses. You will be fine as like me you just want to look forward to feeling well and strong again. Have faith in your surgeon - they are a fantastic team.

Bowlingqueen hi. Some good tips thanks. Always good to hear positivity from the other side of OHS. Thank you!

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