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My heart rate usually runs in the 40's but can be often in the 30's - as recorded in hospital and via machines.

I am a 37 year old Mum and have had suffered from episodes for years, ranging from needing atropine to boost me after a procedure, to excessive yawning, greyness, sweating and hairs standing up on my arms. Family say I can so pale I look grey. It has taken the last two years to see a cardiologist and have had various recoding devices, the last for 28 days. I usually fill them up within four days but the last one we are awaiting results for.

My question is what to do. I am trying to track down a specialist in bradycardia. Some days I have energy and others, like today I can't do anything. It is affecting my work and family life. I did a hard cardio class for an hour on Tuesday (and I have suffered with yawning and lack of energy since). It also seems to affect my digestion system.

My questions are:

1) Are there any UK based specialists in bradycardia?

2) Do others have a link with tummy problems/fullness/distention/bloating (I have had seven hernias operated on in five years)

3) How do you cope with the extreme tiredness. I feel useless and there is so much I want to achieve in my life! It affects work, money and family.

4) One cardiologist said he would put off giving me a pacemaker because of my age - I really don't know what to do and feel like people think the tiredness is in my head!!! Sometimes I can't function and then it feels glorious to have energy again.

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Hi there,

I read your post and would like to respond.

I'm really sorry you're feeling like this (the extreme tiredeness and low heart rate). I would suggest calling your cardiologist to explain that your symptoms are not getting better (and possibly getting worse?).

All cardiologists deal with bradycardia on a regular basis but if you need a pacemaker (despite your age) it would normally be done by an 'EP Cardiologist' - an expert in Electrophysiology. You could also chat this through with your GP as he/she would certainly have a list of all EP cardiologists in your region.

Please do call us for a chat if you'd like to speak to a cardiac nurse for more information/support.

Wishing you all the best,


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Thanks Julie. Much appreciated x


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