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I had some weirdness on Thursday and now beginning to wonder if it’s angina.

I had a sudden feeling of tightness in my upper chest like there was a tight wall. I could breathe ok from my lungs but it was like there was a muscular/bone bone tightness in that area. Then I had like muscular pain within my collar bone and neck really sore and muscular pain down both arms like i’d used loads of weights. Both arms but only down to my elbows. Once that finished both upper arms in the muscle back of arm area were tender like I’d pulled muscles.

Does any of this sound atall like angina?

No chest pain though and it settled down in the end. I was actually driving to the supermarket and continued to do my shopping, just to give an idea of how non severe it was. Just thisvweird feeling.

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I would advise going to A&E.

I wouldn’t be on high alert... (triple by pass) however I would see a cardiologist and have them test for blocked arteries.

Numberone1 in reply to MrMusic

Hi. Can you explain please ie the triple by pass comment?

MrMusic in reply to Numberone1

Ok.. some of the symptoms of blocked arteries are what you described, tight chest, numb arms.. etc. I believe you’re still in the early stages ... but I’d still go get a test ASAP.. the longer you wait the worse it could get, then a stent won’t be enough 😩 as I my case.. a triple by pass was needed.

Numberone1 in reply to MrMusic

Thank you. I know I have a heart issue bcos I’ve been diagnosed recently with a heart valve problem that I was likely born with and didn’t know. I don’t have many symptoms at the moment but angina can be one of them. I’m looking to identify the symptoms as abd when they happen.

Thank you for your concern. The thing is I know I have a heart issue which is being monitored. I am soon to go on a waiting list for open heart surgery because it’s been found that I was born with a defective valve. I’m not severe yet but maybe now it is. I need to watch out for symptoms so that things can be brought forward if necessary. Angina can be a sign to determine there might be a heart issue. I already know that but I don’t actually know what angina feels like. This just felt muscular.

Hi - I could have written exactly same post! I need AVR, have been monitored for a few years and now got to severe but no symptoms until started to feel just exactly what you describe!

I’ve sent you a message on one of your other posts. Are you actually on a waiting list now or still waiting to go on. Do you have many other symptoms? I’m feeling very positive but not sure if I shoujd be pushing

I’m seen at Brighton - been told if I can’t live with the waiting then they’ll put me in touch with surgeon - so I think that will be soon. It’s all a bit of a wIting game - leave it too long and you’re in trouble and get seen as an emergency but equally I don’t want to say yes, let’s go unnecessarily as I’m only 58 and mum of a 14 yr old,

It’s difficult isn’t it. I was severe and now appear to be moderate. Do you feel you’re beginning to slow down? Have you been told about timings once you start to get symptoms? Have you considered the length of the waiting list once you go on it?

How did you go from severe to moderate?? Which hospital do you go to? No, I haven’t thought of the waiting list time yet - if too long I might have to go private. Do you know the waiting time? Yes, I feel I’m slowing down a bit but, I don’t know about you, I think SO much of it is auto-suggestion if you know what I mean. I would like someone to just say right, the time has come and you have to do it now. Hate the waiting game.

I am so much the same. However I also like a bit of time to think about it. I don’t know what’s worst. I’m definitely more short of breath but I also feel really well so hard to imagine what needs doing.

I didn’t really go from severe to moderate, I think it was just a mistake from the readings. However I like to think it’s better because of some supplements I’ve been taking.

I’m under Kings and because of the change in figures the surgeon wanted me to be discussed”. That was in January and I’m none the wiser. Been to my GP to see if he can find anything out. My surgeon has an 18 week waiting list at Kings so need to make sure I’m being monitored.

I assume you’r watch and wait and in that case how often are you getting an echo?

Sometimes I want to wake up and find out it’s all a dream.

I know exactly what you mean. I have an echo every year. I was called back to repeat the last one. Turns out the first echo showed there was nothing wrong and had the cardiologist not known me for years he would have discharged me. Fantastic! But no, second echo a few days later showed stenosis is now severe. Still watching and waiting. ??!!!! I feel fine mostly so had another stress test last week to keep me happy I think. Waiting for results...

Lots of luck with that. My measurements in January were such that I’m moderate instead of severe but he wanted other opinions of a team. In the meantime I’m still waiting to hear. Tell me, when you’re watch and wait and serious what ate they actually watching and waiting for? Some people on forums similar to this seem to be in a lot more problem than me and maybe you. I’m not sure if you know your actual measurements but mine is now 1.1cm valve size and 3.1 ms velocity.

I’ve no idea what they’re watching for - I assume waiting for me to get breathless and very tired, chest pains etc. Good question. My valve at last echo was 1cm and not sure which velocity you mean. Conclusion said severe AS with large boulder like calcification so sounds like I need Calgon like my washing machine. (Oh, if only it were that simple!)

I have calcification too. I believe that once the valve size goes below 1cm and the velocity is greater than 4m/s they regard it as severe but of course other factors are taken into account based on the individual. As thisvwasnall a total shocknto me I clearly did some reesrch and take a few supplements just incase they help at least slow it down. To get this diagnosed certainly answered a few questions of things health wise throughout my life. I feel the best I have in a long time whichnis a bit worrying.

Exactly. Would almost be easier to feel awful before going under the knife!! Which supplements do you think help?

Sounds musculoskeletal- position of your arms and particularly your shoulder and neck. To be sure go and see your GP or it returns/gets worse go to A&E


I have heard that women more often feel angina pain in their back, shoulders & neck rather than chest. I have no idea if it’s true or not,just what I’ve heard. Good luck anyway.

Angina symptoms appear differently to everyone but yours sound very much like mine when I had a heart attack. Not saying you had one as most likely you didn't but you should get yourself checked out by your GP, at the very least to get some GTN spray and/or some reassurance. Better to be safe than sorry.

Neck, shoulder, jaw, arm and back pain are fairly common symptoms of angina and/or more serious heart issues. Please, don't ignore the warning signs.

I recently had a heart attack and they put stint in,now I'm experiencing a sharp needle like pain going down front of heart,won't go away. I had dbl bypass in 2014. I first felt tightness on left side of chest, and nitro relieved that feeling, then since constant sharp pain down front of left side,wondering if that is where stent is?

Ashleigh_BHFBHF Nurse in reply to Filla

Hi Filla

Have you taken your GTN spray to see if your pain is relieved? It's important to discuss any chest pain with your GP or cardiologist so they can investigate further, and if it is severe then go to A&E (especially as you have had bypass and stents in the past).


Ashleigh_BHFBHF Nurse

Hi Numberone1

Your pain could be related to your valve, so as you are already on the waiting list for an AVR I would contact your surgeon and explain that these symptoms are new. It's always important to keep in touch with your doctors to update them if your symptoms change so they can review you.

If you develop severe chest pain please call 999.

Best of luck, and keep us updated on your journey.


Thank you Ashleigh. It’s not as simple. I’m not even on a list. I feel adrift to be jonest, because I saw a surgeon in January and wS going to be discussed at the next MDT meeting. It is now Aprill andI’ve not been heard. Nobody can tell me anything so I’m quite adrift.

Ashleigh_BHFBHF Nurse

Hi Numberone1

It might be a good idea to get back in touch with the surgeon you saw in January, and update them on your symptoms and ask what the decision was at the MDT meeting.

Best of luck,


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