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Ozaki procedure

Hi all. I'm Gill from the Rhondda valley, Wales. I am under Bristol Royal Infirmary. Should be having surgery soon on my Aortic valve. Rather than a mechanical valve I am having the Ozaki procedure. This involves taking the tissue from around the sacs of my heart and reconstructing my valve. Has anyone had this done or knows anyone who has please? Thanks ❤

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Hi Gill

I had an Aortic Valve Repair November '17. Wasn't given a particular name for the procedure and went in to hospital expecting a replacement.

As I understand it a repair is much less common than a replacement and can only be performed to correct a limited range of faults, however it has some major advantages,

No lifetime anti-coagulation, minimal risk of valve infection and generally a long lasting repair.


Thanks for your reply. It sounds like what I am having done could be similar to you. Where did you have yours done?


Bart's in London under Professor Uppal.

Five months on I'm very well.


My husband has had this too following a Triple AAA at St. George’s, Tooting. Just takes Apixaban daily and no IN R checks.


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