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Hi everyone I am a newbie.

After having flu in Jan my heart rate went to 170.Was taken into hospital where AF was diagnosed. I know a little about it as my Twin sister was diagnosed five yes ago and has had three ablation and two cardioversions she has had six months without an episode and I am now on the same drug as her veapimil 150mg anyway I had another episode recently there seems to be no trigger . Had echocardiogram. My doctor said I have an enlargement on the left side of my heart .with no explanation am still waiting to see cardiologist. This group has helped me so much as there is always someone worse of and with similar conditions and has made the waiting bearable. Thankyou .

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Hello Anita, and welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, hopefully now its been found you can get the right treatment and move forwards. You say you are waiting to see the cardiologist, any idea of when this will be? Has your GP referred you post the echo?



Thankyou for your reply . At hospital they said I would be referred to a cardiologist. I heard nothing after nearly three weeks I went to see my doctor who said I would hear any day.. I went back to the doctor a week later he told me he would write to cardiologist. This morning the doctors surgery called to say I have to go and collect a pass word so that I can make my own appointment!! Can't believe it after all this time . Will go this fternoon


Good, its moving forwards. Make a list of questions as they pop into your head to ask, nothing like a silly question and we all forget things we meant to ask.

Good luck



Yes i will make list .Thankyou Mark


Hi Anita. I had the flu jab last October and a week later I went into AF also. As I've had Af previously and its corrected itself each time I didn't bother going to the doctors. This episode lasted about a week before returning to normal. If it's never happened before it can be pretty scary. when it first happened to me I dashed out the following week to make a will :0 I've calmed down a bit these days though . Hopefully it is just a reaction to the flu jab and nothing to worry about. worth getting checked out though.

All the best



Yes i do think the flu made the AF rear it's head! I have a family history of heart problems and I think I have had the problem mildly for years and didn't want to admit it !

I did feel life as I know it was over to begin with.

Having had kidney cancer 10yrs ago and living with one kidney .I have lived life to the full since . Was angry to think I may have to slow down now . Lol

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Yes it sounds like to are getting good care and treatment. C


Well Charles . I have been waiting for the appointment with the cardiologist. My doc said I can make appointment myself online ..

I tried this morning. And it came back with the date 17th July!!! Was shocked

So I called the hospital directly and got myself an appointment for 20th April .. so pleased about that .. other wise yes they are looking after me .


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