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waiting time

I was fast tracked to see a cardiologist in August this year, diagnosed with a mitral heart leak and angina, I've had several tests done but 4 months on I'm still waiting for the last test, an angiogram. I understand there are people far worse off than me on this site, so why am I having a moan,? it's the waiting that's getting to me, 4 months seems like 40 especially as the cardiologist said "I may need an operation" I'm getting very anxious which makes my palpitations worse, I keep saying to myself " I can't be that bad as they would be doing something " no doubt there are lots on here who have waited longer for tests to be done,

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I would give your cardiologist a ring and explain your concerns. I think sometimes they don't appreciate how worrying waiting for those tests is when you've just been told you have a heart condition. It also isn't unknown for them to forget to ask for the test to be done, so a little nudge can't do any harm.

Hope you get it sorted soon.



Hi Wendy

I remember the cardiologist saying back in Aug that he will organise an Echocardiogram, stress test, a TCE and an angiogram, I've had all these but still await the angiogram, I can only assume they are busy and I am on the waiting list? however I will call the cardio clinic and see if they can give me some idea of the wait, and no doubt as it's leading up to the Christmas holidays it will probably be in the new year.



Hi bowler,

The issue with this test is that it's a consultant led test, where as the echo, holder, CT scans and more are not.

My partner had all the standard tests done quickly and 5 months on he is awaiting the stress test with echo which is done by the consultant, I always call and chase it up but they tell me every time the NHS is under strain so any consultant led tests or procedures have an extremely long wait time.

unfortunately cardiologists seem to hold one of the longest wait times within the NHS, and this is what PALS from the hospital explained to me. They pointed out that there is a struggle to get people in for angiograms who have symptoms of a mild heart attack who Can often have to wait days.

What I can advise is to call every week and ask for updates, that way if a cancalation was to come up you may be first in line.


Hi chevidaniels

Thank you so much for your reply, seems I'm not the only one, Like I said I have had all the other tests, but not the angiogram. I couldn't have the stress test as my blood pressure was so high, they wired me up and let me rest but it still wouldn't come down, yet when I got home and took my own b/pressure it was fine as it was on that morning, I do have adrenal failure, so I reckon my adrenals couldn't cope with the extra stress ? yet they didn't advise me to take extra cortisol that morning.

All my other health issues are all with Addenbrooks hospital, Cambridge, but when my GP tried to fast track me there they were full, so I'm now being treated at The West Suffolk Hospital for this heart problem, like you say Cardiology seems to be a long waiting time, Oh well there are worse off than me I suppose, but the waiting is the worse.


Hello again

I have just been on the West Suffolk hospital cardiology site, and read " There is a mobile angiography laboratory on site several days a week" Looks like I'm in for a long wait.


Hi, I know it is frustrating when you have to wait so long. When I had a long wait I emailed the consultant, s secretary and asked how long the wait would be and I got a reply quickly. Hope it won,t be too long.

All the best, Anke

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Hi i know the feeling I had all my tests through quite quickly but had to chase u the angiogram took about 3 months. All done now but then had my consultation with the surgeon cancelled so now waiting anxiously. I honestly don't think they realise the fear we go through after a diagnosis like this it's life changing!


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