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Very high BP 😱

Hello from a nighthawk...

This is my first msg and I actually hope everybody is asleep comfortably at the moment...

Sadly I’m fighting a worsening insomnia due to “I don’t know what”... And in the last few days my BP seems worrisome even though I take Bisoprolol Fumarate (2,5 mg) every late morning.

Yesterday & today’s readings are:

@ 12:30 165/101 (heart 90)

@ 15 166/99 (80)

@ 17:30 174/111 (82)

A very long nap, then:

@ 23:10 201/100 (85)

@ 23:20 173/101 (84)

@ 00:30 155/96 (80)

I also take 90 mg Duloxetine a day for Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Should I be worried and take some action before Tuesday morning?

Any practical advice will be much appreciated 🌷

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Hi if you’re bp is at 155/96 right now it’s high but ok. If you go up high call for help I’m no doctor but better to be safe


Thank you for your prompt reply last night. I really appreciated. Have a good Bank Holiday rest... 🌿


I would call 111 for advice - sometimes when BP is very high then they like to see/treat you quickly (this happened with my brother) but I’m not sure on levels.

The reading of 201/100 sounds like you need medical advice on this.

Take care.



Many thanks for replying Jo... I’m holding on till tomorrow morning when the surgery opens. And of course checking for signs of a possible stroke every now and then. Fingers crossed till tomorrow 🌸


Seek medical advice to reduce your BP. I'm on ramipril since October,which has reduced mine well.....some patients develop a cough with it & then change to a different tablet.

Re insomnia....have you tried drinking a sleep-time tea in the evenings eg camomile tea? No caffeine after 3pm? A few drops of lavender essential oil on a tissue on your pillow? If I wake in the night I just sniff the oil from the bottle. Also giving myself Reiki helps a lot. I have taught Reiki since 1994, it helped me heal from cancer. Best of luck. Clare


Thank you Clare... I’ll impose myself to the GP for an emergency appointment tomorrow morning as the high BP isn’t getting much better. (Currently 148/93) It feels foggy in my brain - then again it may be the effects of Duloxetine I use for Trigeminal Neuralgia.

I stopped having any tea/coffee since the weekend but again couldn’t sleep till 4 AM - I will try the lavender oil tonight.

Thank you again 🌷


Meditation / relaxation techniques help too. You can google "relaxation remedies to help sleep". Daily Mail had 4 page spread on insomnia remedies recently so you could search for it on their website too.


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