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I am one of those people from the Land of OZ My parents were both born in Oz, but their families all came from various parts of the UK and I found out recently parts of Europe, so I don't always understand some of the medical terms, but I was born 07/12/34 in Ipswich Qld and had health problems in my 20s. Have been diagnoses wit a number of things and had a few repairs including A.Fib; Bundled Branch Block; Pacemaker; Radio Frequency Ablation X 3; Coronary Artery Bypasses twice in '81 &'97 ; CFS & Fibromyalgia; Spinal Stenosis & Spinal Surgery; TIA; Complex Apnoeas; Type II Diabetes; Congestive Heart Failure Plus; Plus. Found I had medium high Homocysteine then a genetic problem with MTHFR c667T gene I had 4 children. One son died from Cardiac event in 2001; One son had a Stroke a few years ago and is still in trouble. Two daughters still going strong. One has two sons one has made me a G.G Father. the other daughter no children. I've worked until made redundant in 1997 when I had my second lot of CABGs. Not permitted to go back to my old job in Industry in '^1 after my TIA, so studied and became a Tech. Teacher in Tech. & Further Ed. - Loved it very much. Have been involved in Australian plants Society and studied some Botany. Never had a mortgage, too unhealthy to get a loan, so built our own home in the 60s. Still drive my 1992 Land Cruiser & maintained it myself. Rode a Suzuki 850 cc to work up to 100 km each way for a couple of years Had a number of interesting jobs & my own business for about 13 years.

I have probably taken up too much space, so ask if you need to know any more. I'll look for a pic.

Regards Billypil

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G'day and welcome to the forum. Loved Oz and hope to be fit enough to visit again one day! Hope you go on to make it a 'ton up'! Me I am in the '59' club! :)


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