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Hi all,My name is Pete 64yrs and Had a CRT/D fitted last year and I felt great.But now I have shortness of breath on exercise feeling tired all the time. Had my ICD checked last month and they noticed that my heart beat was very high. told me not to lift heavy items or over exercise just a slow walk with the dog is fine. Has anyone else had the same problem???..

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Has this been flagged with your doctor/cardiologist, do you know? I would try to chat to them about it, see if any of your treatments need adjusted. Good luck.

Hi Laura thanks for the reply. I have a home monitor and they do ring me if they see a problem and ask me to go to hospital. Just seems strange that after a sort time having this device fitted I would start to feel the same again I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problems perhaps its me just getting old Hi....

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It is probably best to have a medication review. After a period of time some can become less effective or side effects may develop. I had to change anti-anginal medication and a friend's wife has developed resistance to beta blockers after 20 years!

Hi Pete have you had an x ray since you started feeling unwell again? If the home device is showing that your heart is beating too rapidly it may be either a 're tuning ( or it come be a lead has come lose) they can't check this through the home device.... only through an x ray. One of my leads has come away and so they have switched me off until I can get a further op to put it back.

However yours may just need an adjustment....To me this does not sound right.... I would definitely push for answers. Please let us know what they say.


Thanks Karen seeing my doctor next week. My heart rate is normally around 100 anyway so not to worried about that. I’m ok it just when I do things is the problem I start to struggle. I’ll put a note when I find out what’s happening.

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