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Heart disease....what a rollercoaster!!

Waiting on date for triple bypass, diagnosed October 2016 operation timescale o weeks. Waiting for admission letter since October. Last week......letter to go for additional test ct scan of chest/abdomen last week. This week waiting anxiously for date of operation to go back to cardiac surgery clinic to see consultant. Right away I'm thinking something has shown up on ct scan....mind racing covering every possibility no matter how irrational!! Anyone else had similar experience? Totally freaking out!!

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Hello Barb

Did you really mean you were told you needed a triple CABG in 2016. If so, then it seems an excessive waiting time. My advice with all of these things is not to wait for letters to arrive. Get hold of the Cardiology secretary at the hospital and if you do not receive a letter within say 6 weeks of your last appointment, then ring up and push to find out what is happening. It is unfortunately the case that some things get missed and slip off people's radars.

As for all of the emotions, it will be of little comfort but believe me, you are not alone. Everyone one of us has been through this whether the wait was short (as in my case) or long (as it would seem to be in your case). My advise here would be to talk to your GP, maybe get some counselling and talk to your friends - they may not understand everything you are going through but they will still be a comfort. Whatever you do, do not bottle everything up, it'll only make matters worse.

Good luck



Hi Steve sorry I meant 2017, that just shows how frazzled my brain Is!! I will phone tomorrow and I am so grateful for the people who respond with reassuring posts or just empathise. Thanks again


I was referred by local hospital for a quadruple bypass last August. In January I was told it will be in 4 - 5 months following further tests, pre-op and sorting some dental issues (delayed as I had a hacking cough after a heavy cold that lasted 6 weeks). Some days I find it really gets to me as your life is on hold! Hope you make some progress in the morning.

My worry is a repeat performance of the last operation I had five years ago. I got a phone call at lunchtime the day before cancelling it. Three months later I needed another pre-op but at least the operation took place 10 days later.


Hi Barb. My mum recently been through similar - I really feel for you. We made sure she kept in contact with consultant sec and let them know she was happy to go in at short notice. She then was called and offered a weekend slot with about 3 weeks notice (obv things have slipped with waiting lists and winter pressures). Even on the day it wasn't a cert due to beds etc. BUT she had it 2 days ago.


Hello, thanks for your kind words. I now have app with surgeon to discuss ct scan and progress with surgery. I am extremely anxious anyway but now I am imagining all sorts of scenarios. What did the scan show? Is there another problem as well as blocked arteries? Can they still do operation? So many questions going round in my mind but will just have to wait till Friday till I see him......gonna be a long week 😕


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