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Busy weekend

Firstly I am going to try to see my GP this morning if I can get past the receptionist but thought I would put things down here as well.

At the moment I have a pain in my chest right in the center that feels a bit like a tender muscle sort of pain, it isn’t constant and only hurts in certain positions like if I lean forward to get up or turn but then goes again.

Last night it got quite bad and more constant so I used my gtn spray but I can’t say with certainty wether it really helped or not, that was just after we had got home from the hospital after meeting or first grandson Noah for the first time who came into this world following our daughter having an emergency c-section as he was in distress.

My question is can anxiety cause chest pain like this, it feels like the sort of pain you get from staining when you have had a very bad cough although it is quite localised in the center of my chest.

I don’t want to panic and am hoping this could of been brought on by the stress of the last couple of days, I haven’t had any problems up until now after my stents.

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its perfectly possible that stress can cause this sort of pain. You are doing the right thing in seeking help as it could be something else other than stress.

Good luck with the receptionist and congrats on your grandson Noah, he will certainly change your life



Thanks Mark I have an appointment at 11:40 so will get it checked out.

I’m quite an emotional type of person so a few months ago I was worried I wouldn’t get to meet him now I have I get the pains and start thinking I might not know him for long which probably made the pains worse.

I must practice the relaxation technique from the rehab class.


My grandson is 21 months old, he is a joy as is my little granddaughter who is near ten months old , Thursday is work from home day and I have lunch with these two terrors, who absolutely rule the roost and can twist me round their tiny fingers. They are a huge stress cure as mush as they have boundless energy


Lovely news about Noah, congratulations! As Mark said, very likely this pain is stress related, but absolutely right to get it checked out. Hope your appointment sets your mind at rest so you can get on with enjoying your new grandson :)

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It's good that you are seeing your GP, they will be able to get to the bottom of your symptoms. Chest pain comes in many forms. Naturally we always think of the heart as the main cause of pain, but there are lots of other causes like, costochondritis, pleurisy and pain referred to the chest from other areas. Your GP will examine you and will be able to reassure you. Anxiety can cause chest pain and can lead to more anxiety so get checked out today.

All the best Ron.

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Cheers Ron and everyone else for the replies, I’ve seen the Doc had an ECG which was fine were going to put it down to Stress/anxiety. The trouble is I got stressed which gave me symptoms that made me think I was having a heart attack which in turn got me stressed. 😩

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Sounds like anxiety to me. I get it quite often but it was very scary before I knew it was that. Take care and get it checked out


Thanks Heather all sorted as you say can be scary even to a big ugly chap like me.



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