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Angina and tiredness

Angina and tiredness

Every so often I suddenly feel very tired and have no go in me at all. It comes on when I do nothing, but perhaps after I have been busy earlier in the day. Today I had it and did use the gtn spray and it took some time for it to go. Then after a while I feel fine again, do others experience this?

I do wonder if I should have used the spray sooner as I had twinges of pins and needles on and of during the morning. I do make a note of it and it has been 2 months since the last time, so I do OK really

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It all sounds normal for angina.

However, todays episode can be classed as irregular. Angina can progress into something else of course So I think, if it feels in anyway different to when you were first diagnosed. You should make an appointment to see your Gp.

Yes keep a diary of what you were doing just before and at the time of each episode.

Also a record of any stress from good and bad stuff. Sleep patterns, change in diet, change in meds, physical activity, mental activity, work, social events etc. They are all good history intelagenes for the medical field to work out what may be going on

Is it worse from exsertion?

You need to monitor if it settles' at rest?

Does it settle after GTN spray?

If out of hours, you can always call 111 for advice.

If you are concerned and you are exspireancing issues with your:

. Breathing

. You have chest pain

. You have pins and needles

. You have palpitations'

. You feel dizzy

Then do not hesitate to dial 999.

Hoping you are feeling better, Jo 😊

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Thanks for all that Jo. I feel better today. I did see the cardiologist with all this in October, had an exercise ECG and was put on more medication. My GP had a letter to say the ECG was ok and to carry on with the medication and he would see me again. The follow up appointment has been changed 4 times now, it will be in May.

When I do get these episodes I feel so tired and washed out and then it suddenly goes and I feel ok again. I do record it all for when I go to see the GP again, think I will have to do that seeing as the other appointment is not for a long time.


Yes deffinatly you should see you Gp sooner rather than later. May is still some time away. You really need some monitoring & awnsers now.

ECGs are not always acurate. They missed my heart attack with the first two ECGs.

Then when I was admitted one winter early morning. The ECGs gave no indercation of my AF. Luckily the paramedics had a documented reading that showed an issue.

Finally after about four hours, it showed up on their readings in resus.

Go to your Gp lovely, no harm in just getting it checked. After all, what have you got to loose, ha 😊😊😊


Hi, well I went to heart care, the Walsall cardiac rehab for a bit of exercise this morning as I felt OK and found it really hard going. I spoke to the staff and was told not to do anymore. I just had a look online for a GP appointment and there is one at 17.00 so I am going. See what he says.

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I hope you got on ok 😊


Hi, he thinks I do not have to worry to much, did some checks on me and ordered lots of blood tests. They are overdue as well. I have a thyroid problem as well which causes problems at times.

Anyway it is being looked at and he told me to come back if I have worries about the angina.

Have a good weekend. Anke


Oh that sounds good then, glad he is monitor you.best to be on the safe side.

Yes same here with undetactive thyroid. Diagnosed about 11 years ago I think?

I can't help thinking my thyroid issues are somewhat behind my heart issues.

My meds keep it all balanced though, thank goodness.

I hope you have a lovely weekend too. Jo 😊


Hi I have heart condition and the comments others have left are correct

GTN spray should only be used when you have chest pain and not when you have pins and needles or shortness of breath

If you are taking it for that please don't

I know the two symptoms you you take it for are both things that you get with heart pain and yes take your GTN if you get breathless and pins and needles with chest pains

But there are other things that can cause both to happen regarding the breathless it may be you need an inhaler?

Are you asthmatic ?

And the pins and needles this can also happen because of other things

I.e. Sitting in the same persision also if you worry about your breathing and are anxious that can bring on both the symptoms

But go to see your doctor and tell him about them because they also can be connected to your heart

Do you know why they have given you the GTN spray and have told you what is wrong with your heart

I was told by heart doctors with regards to using your GTN when you get chest pain you don't wait you spray 2 puffs under the tongue sit down don't talk and wait if the pain don't go you repeat the same dose 2 under the tongue

Also if you have any other symptoms at the

same time that are connected to the heart

Call 999 you can't take any chances at all asked your doctor for information and the do's and dont's

Hope this helps in some way


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I think you should talk to your GP about how you are feeling as I don’t think the GTN spray is supposed to be for feeling tired or pins and needles, there could be something else going on.


GTN spray should only be used if you have pain. I'm reasonably sure it is not for shortness of breath or lack of energy. It is a very quick but short acting vasodilator and you take it when you have angina related chest pain.

Having said all of this, the symptoms you ave are not unusual with various heart related ills. If you are concerned but the symptoms are stable, go and see you GP but if its getting worse quickly get yourself to hospital.


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Hi Anka. I know you’ve had lots of good comments about your symptoms and tiredness and areas about what to do about it.. but I’m writing because I seem to have had the same exhaustion or ‘Wipe outs’ as I call them. After lots of investigations (after 3 HAs and lots of stents), they told me that I now had pretty clear larger arteries, but quite a bit of micro vascular disease, that was too small to stent. The low level unstable angina, and exhaustion they thought, was coming from this.

Once they told me they had treated everything they could, I decided it was down to me to pace myself better. I’d been used to rushing about, doing lots. Now I’m learning. I exercise lots, select what I do. I do less and slower and I rest if I get the symptoms. The wipe outs are much, much fewer, I use the spray hardly at all, and my new life is much more fun!

I hope you can find your own way through this. Any worries that you have treatable symptoms, then please, off to the Dr, of course! But when they’ve done all they can for you, then learning to get the best out if it, is down to you.

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Hi Kristin 1812, Thank you for that. When I had a angiogram 2 years ago now I was told at the time that the arteries were clear, I did have a stent before that. They said it was either from the small arteries that do not show up or acid reflux. After a visit to the GP he said it is reflux and put me on medication for that. I did go to yoga class that morning and it was very cold and sleeting and I know the cold affects me. I do make notes of when it happens, for when I see the ccardiologist again, the appointment has been changed 4 times already, so I try and do things that help, like you. I am still trying to work out what this funny tingling and pins and needles I get at times, it is always between my shoulder blades, often first thing in the morning and at times pm when I have to take another tablet.

It is good to hear of other peoples experience, thank you and hope we both carry on enjoying life much better since I finished work, no stress.


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