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My wife had stents fitted 6 months ago and has had various ongoing problems possibly induced by her medication. These (medications) are slowly being reduced/amended and there seems to be some improvement. The larger problem at present is that every ache or pain triggers anxiety and recourse to "Google" for answers which seem to only trigger more anxiety as she focusses on the negative elements. Has anyone any suggestions that might help?

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I would definitely recommend talking to somebody. I was lucky that my hospital's cardiology department has a dedicated psychologist on site. I found it really helpful to speak to him. Maybe talk to your GP and see what sort of counselling/psychological service is available for your wife locally?

As you've said, googling symptoms is never a good idea, very rarely helps and nearly always ends up terrifying you. The BHF has a Heart Helpline you can call to speak to qualified nurses - 0300 330 3311 during office hours. That might be a better port of call than Google.

I think most users on this site have gone through similar anxiety after diagnosis/treatment. I'm sure some of them will respond to your post with more suggestions. Maybe it would help your wife to post her thoughts here and get to know some of us? It's always reassuring to find other people who have gone through similar and come out the other side of it all, I think.

It's great that she has a supportive husband looking for ways to help her through this difficult time. Best of luck to you both :)


I agree, it is always better not to Google and speak to your assigned cardiac person. I have worked in IT since 1979 and seen the change, in many ways it is great but a lot of bad advice out there.

My post op days were marked by deep depression, i was aware and the cardiac team were always helpful and my GP surgery also. As my strength increased I got better.



Thank You


Thank you.


Hi CliffHo,

I'm sorry to hear you and your wife are having these concerns. It is very common to be left with aches and niggling pains after stent procedures. Often,as what may never have caused any issues before, can become much worse after an intervention on the heart, as some people feel their body has been 'invaded'. This can lead to any symptoms becoming worse,which then brings on the anxiety- vicious circle..

It is great that she is being followed up though and it's very common for medication to be reviewed so the heart is still protected,but side effects can be monitored too.

Is she able to access cardiac rehab? It is a great place to go to meet like minded people ,and she will also be able to build her confidence again in a safe environment. Her GP should be able to refer her,or,as suggested, please ring our helpline and the cardiac nurses will be able to find her nearest programme and provide any other support she might need- more effective than Google!

I hope I've helped.

Take care,


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Thank you, I will give the helpline a ring.


Hi, I can absolutely endorse what has already been advised about attending a Cardiac Rehab programme, speaking from personal experience it's well worthwhile. If your'e a Facebook user there are some very good groups for both you and your wife.


Thank You


I found the best people to talk to were the cardiac rehab staff they have so much hands on knowledge, above all your wife is not on her own if anyone says they didn't panic from time to time they're telling a fib.


I’ve had 13 stents quadruple bypass, I know how your wife feels, if it’s any help it has taken some time for my stent s to settle down, I’m on eleven tablets a day, my bypass was two years ago unsuccessful! So stents but feeling good now last stent December , it’s taken a time but I’m sure your wife will be fine. Keep positive xx


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